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Things To Remember During Postpartum Weight Loss

Things To Remember During Postpartum Weight Loss 

Ever since you brought home your new baby, you have a lot of time to think about everything and nothing. One of the most common things on your mind is: are they hungry? Do I have to feed them now or should I wait for them to cry a little more? Why are they crying? And most importantly, how can I get rid of the additional weight that I have gained during pregnancy?

weight loss after delivery

If you have gained about 10-15 kgs of weight during your pregnancy, then that’s normal. You can achieve your weight loss goals in a couple of months and almost get back to your pre-pregnancy body. However, there are few things you need to consider to make your postpartum weight loss journey a success.

Tips to Follow For a Successful Postpartum Weight Loss

You need to understand that everybody is different and we all gain weight differently. For some moms, during pregnancy, they gain weight above the suggested limit and the weight loss could be difficult as compared to some moms who do not look nine-month pregnant up until delivery. In case you are wondering how you can lose weight postpartum then keep on reading:

weight loss after delivery

Everybody is unique 

‘One size fits all’ does not apply to pregnancy. There is not a single woman whose weight gain story during pregnancy is similar to the next, so it’s illogical to believe their post-pregnancy weight loss can be the same. Your tummy might have contracted down in weeks after delivery, but it is a long journey ahead. Each body is unique so you shouldn't be worried if your tummy has contrasted after delivery. Do not pay head to magazines and blogs that give importance to quick diets for weight loss or promote unhealthy weight management tricks.

Your Grandmother is Not Always Correct  

weight loss

Grandmas are incredible, however, not everything they say can be backed by science. One of the many things that your grandma will say is that it requires nine months for you to get your figure back after delivery. While this might be logical and true for some, but this hypothesis cannot be applied to everybody. Your body will need time to heal back and for your hips and ribs to move back to where they used to be, but this can last only a couple of months. After that, you can get back in full force to achieve your weight loss goals.   

Weight Loss Shouldn't be Your Mind Always  

You must have not rested in months as you might have expected. You scarcely have the opportunity to drink tea or coffee without worrying about what to cook for dinner or if you are getting enough nutrition for your baby. 

postpartum weight loss

Your mind can become confused due to lack of rest, you stay up late at night taking care and feeding your baby who loves to stay awake at night and you can't envision mustering the nerve to go for a run. That is alright. It's entirely normal for you to be so drenched in parenthood that you can't think about weight loss or your mental well-being, but this should become a habit. After some time you have to build the courage and take a step. 

… But it's Alright if You Are Focused on Weight Loss  

You shouldn't feel remorseful in case you have already started on your weight reduction journey. You won’t be a terrible mother if you are leaving your baby for a couple of hours to go for a run or workout in peace. Indeed, setting aside some time for yourself and participating in stress-busting activities could help you with feeling more energetic, happy, and shockingly a better mother.  


Your body might not look as it was before delivery. Your boobs may look bigger or heavier than they used to be. Your stomach, in some cases, may look a little saggy from the side. You might in any case have a lot of time to get back in shape and lose the weight that you have gained during your pregnancy. 

However, your body is more astounding now than ever before. Before you turned into a mother, you judged your body based on how it looked in certain clothes. Now you can see your beautiful stretch marks and see how much it endured and it still looks great. You need to understand that weight loss should not be your ultimate goal. It should be coupled with mental and physical health. 

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