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Hea Health Coaches

Arushi Agrawal Hea Boosters

Arushi Agrawal
Certified Lactation Consultant, IBCLC

Riya Narang Hea Coach

Riya Narang

Post Graduation in Food and Nutrition

Kusum Hea Coach

Herbalife Nutrition

Nayana Varrier Hea Coach
Nayana Varier
Nesta Certification and Vskills

Priya Sinha Hea Coach

Priya Sinha
Dietician, National Level Yoga Gold Medalist

Tripti Khanna Hea Coach

Tripti Khanna
Masters in Food science and Nutrition

Arpita Bose Jain Hea Coach
Arpita Bose Jain
Certified Health Coach

Apurva Surve Hea Coach
Apurva Surve
B.Sc. & M.Sc. Food Science and Nutrition

Maitree Hea Coach
Maitri Ramaiya

Ruchika Parmar
Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Manasa Vanga
Nutritionist & Certified Fitness Expert


Aashima Gupta
Aashima Gupta is a Clinical dietitian . Now Aashima Gupta is with Hea and she reviews our blogs and guides us in making Hea boosters better.

Foram Modi Hea Coach
Foram Modi

Foram Modi has an experience of 10+ years of helping women shed their weight in a healthy way.


Ankita Shah Hea Coach
Ankita Shah

Ankita Shah believes a fit and healthy body is our greatest asset and provides one stop solution to your nutrition and weight related problems.

Nupur Patwari Hea Coach
upur Patwari

Nupur Patwari is a Nutritionist and fitness Coach who aspires to make positive impact in people’s lives by the way of educating people the art of simplified fitness. Now Nupur Patwari is with Hea and she reviews our blogs and guides us in making Hea boosters better.


Hea Coach - Vidhi Chawla
Vidhi Chawla

Vidhi Chawla is a highly devoted and experienced nutritionist awarded with 'Best Doctor and Healthcare Award' for best dietitian in West Delhi . Now Vidhi Chawla is with Hea and she reviews our blogs and guides us in making Hea boosters better.


Ashna Shroff Hea Coach

Archana Shroff

Archana Shroff is a Certified Lactation Professional and I provide Lactation / Breastfeeding Consultation services as well as Prenatal Breastfeeding Education.

Hea Coach Ankita Malik
Ankita Malik

Ankita Malik is Lactation consultant who provides support both pre and post delivery with the objective that the mother makes independent and informed decisions about breastfeeding, resulting in a physically as well as psychologically fulfilling relationship between the infant and the mother.

Hea Coach Priya Shashank
Dr Priya Shashank

Dr Priya Shashank is a Certified Lactation Consultant, an infant nutritionist & a Childbirth Educator, in addition to being an Ayurvedic physician and has been working with pregnant & breastfeeding mums for the last over 10 years.

Neha Yaduvanshi - hea coach
Neha Yaduvanshi
Neha is a certified dietitian, yoga lover, mom, nutrition communicator and the founder of Healthfitsquare Clinic.

anushul jaibharat - hea coach
Anshul Jaibharat
Anshul is a dedicated professional with about 15 years of experience as a nutrition counselor and lifestyle modification coach in the health & wellness industry.