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Hea Boosters' founders - Jhoomer Sinha and Karishma Chauhan


Simple, effective, and tasty nutrition supplements that defy conventional problems so you can redefine your normal.

So which health problem do you want to banish today?

Stay S.E.T. for life with Hea

No more googling alien ingredients.

Our solutions are simple to follow. Hea’s convenient, bite sized boosters can be had at any time of the day making wholesome nutrition a simple part of your lifestyle!

Super-Potent Products That Work

Each ingredient in a Hea Booster has been scientifically studied for benefits, possible side effects and optimum dosage. Our products give you healthy results over the shortest duration of time.

Tasty, without any Nasties

Staying healthy shouldn’t be a bitter pill to swallow. After all, good taste is EVERYTHING! We pick the best ingredients and leave out the nasties without compromising on taste.

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Hea PRODUCTS have Everything that you NEED

No Gluten No Preservatives in any of the Hea Products
No Artificial Colours or Flavours Non GMO products

Verified Reviews

I need complete nutrition and these Energy gummies serve that purpose so easily. Hea Energy boosters contain Vitamin D, B12, Folic Acid and other multivitamin to prevent lethargy. Good for all women.

Neha from Mumbai

I take Hea ACV gummies everyday to boost my metabolism. The flavour is superb, totally worth it and satiates my hunger. Been taking for 3 months now, it does what it says. 

Poornima from Ahmedabad

Perfect bite sized sachet, making protein shake is so easy. And it tastes so good, like a yummy chocolate drink. I have one everyday for my wholesome nutrition.

Shruti from Delhi

After my delivery, I was looking for something that had total nutrition was convenient and tasty. Lactation Boosters from Hea meets all the requirements, contains protein, Shatavari, methi and doesn't taste herby at all. Go for it!

Payal from Chandigarh

Hair fall is an issue of the past. Can see a significant decrease in hair fall since last 3 months. My skin has also cleared up. Good job Hea!

Sakshi from Telangana

What a yummy way to take care of one's Immunity! My kid loves it, so does my father in-law who is diabetic. Since it has no sugar, its perfectly safe and it works! It has Vitamin D along with C and Zinc, which is absolutely needed for Immunity.

Akshita from Dehradun

I have tried their immunity boosters and now their beauty boosters since last 3 months. Fantastic, effective products and so easy to use. They become part of my daily life so seamlessly.

Kiran from Chennai

Total Nutrition in Hea Essential Protein. Its like a complete meal. Best when on a fitness regime.

Devika from Bangalore

Perfect partner in the healthcare journey, products that work, no overdosing of ingredients, nutrition and doctor support. Way to go!

Harpreet from Patiala

What nutrients are you missing?

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