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Our Story

What do we do?

At Hea, we create delicious, bite-sized nutrition supplements, (no, not pills…yuck! Where’s the fun in that?), that are super effective at banishing the everyday health concerns that women face everyday so that they can redefine their normal and become the super heroes they were born to be.

Health problems, no matter how common, are never normal. 

People often think that fatigue, exhaustion, hairfall, acne, slow metabolism, pain, low immunity, lack of strength, etc are just a part of a woman’s normal  state of being as she grows older. It’s time for this to change. 

Hea is all about fixing daily these health issues in the easiest, most convenient and most enjoyable way possible.

The Power of 'NO'

Our Products are thoroughly researched, tested and are formulated to work with your body's natural chemistry, as opposed to trying to disguise or change it, allowing you to embrace your own awesomeness.

No false promises. No insta-worthy catchphrases.

Just real effective products for real everyday problems.

We do not offer you anything that we haven't researched scientifically a zillion times and refuse to sell anything that doesn't actually work. 

We may not have a solution for everything just yet, but can guarantee you that When you Talk, Hea Listens.

What made us start Hea?

Hea Boosters' founders - Jhoomer Sinha and Karishma Chauhan

Nothing brings women together better than a common sense of purpose (and a good venting session). 

Hea was born when two, regular, 30-something (...shhh!) women decided they wanted to have it all but discovered that little health issues kept getting in the way of them chasing their dreams.

For Jhoomer, an accomplished IIM Ahmedabad alumnus, nutrition enthusiast, and mom to a very energetic 4 year old boy, trying to be a mother-daughter-professional-wife-and-friend 24/7 was wearing her down. “I was literally losing it– sleep, focus, hair, health; everything except my extra pregnancy weight. Motherhood is amazing, but it’s also hard! There’s so much you just aren’t prepared for and while there are loads of things to help with common baby issues, there’s virtually nothing for moms. 

Things like breastfeeding are expected to ‘come naturally’ so when it doesn’t (which is 95% of the time), you feel like you’re failing and don’t even know why or what to do about it. Even my doctor didn’t think that it was important to mention that stuff like hair fall and a change in my metabolism were to be expected or what to do about them.  Everyone else’s opinions on how to handle it differed greatly and were often unscientific, and anecdotal.” 

Meanwhile Karishma, a Symbiosis alumnus who has built a career in marketing with a love for all things logic and science found herself battling major health issues and a severe loss in confidence as she experienced sudden weight gain, and PCOS in the attempt to balance her own professional and personal commitments.

"When ‘experts’ started to tell us that this was a ‘normal part of growing older’, and that women have to ‘adjust and compromise’ (no thank you, Seema Aunty), the two of us refused to accept it!

Daily health problems may be common but they are definitely NOT NORMAL! It shocked us to find how many of these health issues women across the board (our own friends included) were suffering from and enduring merely because they believed that this was just the way things were.

That was when we decided that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! We didn’t want anyone to ever feel the way we had felt again." 

Both of us believed that women needed a better way to get their own Happily Ever After (HEA).

 We wanted to empower them to chase their dreams without compromising on their lives or making them feel like they were sick by giving them pills and tablets. We knew the solution was rooted in good nutrition so we teamed up with a skilled team of extremely progressive medical professionals, nutrition experts and food scientists, and after extensive research and testing, finally arrived at the perfect solution.

Hea Boosters -  Tasty, super effective bite-sized supplements to banish health problems and help women everywhere define their own normal.

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