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Our Story



Whether us moms are trying to go through our everyday life without getting tired, all we want to protect our self and our family from unknown infections, or just pamper ourselves, look and feel fabulous,

Hea has a healthy, effective, tasty solution for all of it.

Do you want to know how?

We at Hea, our food scientists, our nutritionists and our medical expert panel has researched this rigorously and firmly believe that nutritional deficiencies are the root cause of all evil and bad health.

Hea is about fixing these problems in the most Effective, Convenient and Tasty manner.

Because Moms deserve the Best

Our Products are thoroughly researched, tested and are formulated to work with your body's natural chemistry, as opposed to trying to disguise or change it, allowing you to embrace your own awesomeness.

No false promises. No insta-worthy catchphrases.

Just real, effective products for real moms.

We do not offer you anything that we haven't researched scientifically a zillion times and refuse to sell anything that doesn't actually work. 

We may not have a solution for everything just yet, but can guarantee you that when you Talk, Hea Listens.

Jhoomer (on the left) and Karishma (on the right) are the driving force behind Hea. They have a firm belief that 80% of health concerns can be resolved with good nutrition practices.

When Jhoomer had her first born, constant fatigue, hair fall and weight-gain were free gifts that came her way, along with her baby. She researched ingredients, diets, behavioural science to arrive at what works and what doesn't, and in the process also completed her nutrition foundation certification.

In her own words "Every time I shared my frustrations with other moms, I discovered that I was not alone. I got obsessed with getting to the root-cause of these problems & took a nutritionist course, researched ingredients, co-related behaviour and habits, consulted doctors and nutrition experts and started to understand why some things worked and others failed. It took me a long time to identify the right mix of nutrients and I wanted moms everywhere to be able to benefit from this instead of going through the process again themselves."

Jhoomer met Karishma while on this journey and they realised that this should be something that moms everywhere can benefit from.

That's how Hea was born.

Jhoomer is extremely passionate about her pursuit of effective, potent nutrition, that works in the shortest possible time while being convenient to take and super tasty so that one would keep looking forward to having the next one.

This combined with Karishma's zeal to build a sustainable nutrition solution for all Indian moms is what keeps Hea going. They along with the super awesome and lean team continue to progress on their mission to make mom life healthy and better, one effective bite at a time.