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What goes in, What stays out

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Why we exist?

Hea is on a mission to make become the partner in the healthcare journey of all moms. At Hea, we aim to bridge the gap between the foods that we eat, and the nutrients that our bodies really need. And we do this by creating potent and effective nutrition solutions that are also super yummy and convenient to have at anytime.

Almost every problem that a mother experiences, from low immunity and falling sick with headaches, colds or coughs, to those that lazily get attributed to growing older such as fatigue, lack of strength, weight gain, slow metabolism, acid reflux, hair fall, & even skin issues, is an early symptom of deficiencies in essential vitamins, minerals and macronutrients like protein in their regular diets.   

Our yummy health supplements are backed by pure science and packed with the perfect dosages of essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D, folic acid, iron, calcium, zinc, biotin and protein so that you get all the nutrition needed to counter the everyday problems, Avoid Deficiencies (not merely to correct them), and make good nutrition a sustainable habit.

Backed by pure science and researched and tested extensively by nutritionists and the mother of all experts, the moms themselves, every Hea product delivers what it promises, is 100% effective, taste amazing, and can be had anytime, anywhere.

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What makes Hea Boosters really awesome?

Our products contain the best of ingredients, picked from the most trusted sources. Each ingredient that goes in Hea Boosters is thoroughly researched for efficacy and contraindications and we ensure that only the most premium quality ingredients are used. They are

We’re simultaneously very particular (read: borderline obsessive) about our NO NASTIES policy and make no exceptions while ensuring that Hea Boosters are soy free, gluten free, don’t contain added sugar, GMO and artificial colours or flavours.

When it comes to eating healthy and taking care of our nutrition, we firmly believe that TASTE IS EVERYTHING. Good Taste helps build good, sustainable long term habits and can confidently say that we are not only raising the bar on effective products but also that we are easily the tastiest health supplements, making good nutrition a daily habit across households in India. 

Hea Boosters do not spike your blood glucose levels and help you meet your nutrition needs whether you’re on keto, intermittent fasting, or any other diet/eating plan that you follow, thus providing you with the cleanest, most effective nutrition in the in the simplest, least time-consuming, tastiest, and most enjoyable way possible.  

And why do we do it? 

Because we’ve literally been there and done that! Mothers take care of everyone except themselves.  We get it. We know, first hand, how crazy the life of a mother can get and want to help them stay healthy so they can continue being the real-life superheroes that they are.  Plus let’s face it, much as we try, keeping track of everything we need to eat and actually making the time to do it are both pretty hard to sustain over the long term, especially if you’re a mom. 

We’ve spent years researching and testing these products and have seen the results ourselves with noticeable improvements in our immunity, energy, metabolism, fat loss, bone density and muscle strength levels along with a whole host of other benefits such as stronger hair and clearer skin as well.

We’ve always hated pills/ capsules (those are for sick people!) but before Hea Boosters, it was hard to find the right mix of nutrients in anything else that could address our problems while keeping out nasty stuff like sugar, soy, gluten and artificials.  So we decided to change that and create products that make good nutrition feel, (and taste) like a piece of cake! 

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