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How Are Metabolism And Weight Loss Related?

How Are Metabolism And Weight Loss Related? 

Weight loss is a common topic among people these days, and there are different opinions on how to lose weight. When starting on a weight loss journey, there are different things to put into consideration like your diet, exercise routine, prior health challenges, and any other factor that can influence your weight journey.

weight loss and metabolism

There are different theories on whether or not metabolism also plays a role in weight loss. First, you need to know what metabolism is and how it works. The metabolic rate is the rate at which the body burns calories to stay in shape. Metabolism is the chemical reaction that takes place in the body to absorb nutrients from the food you eat during the digestive process. This is how your body stays in shape and maintains your desired weight. Having a fast metabolism can mean burning calories faster, hence, making it easy to stay at a certain weight, or making it difficult to gain weight. Yes, people also have trouble gaining weight and this can also be attributed to the fact that they might have a fast metabolism.

You probably have heard people say there’s that one person they know who can eat anything at any time of the day and barely add a single pound. This sometimes is due to their high metabolic rate. On the other hand, a slow metabolism can make it a bit harder to lose weight fast. However, contrary to what most people believe, slow metabolism isn’t the sole culprit for excess weight gain. Here, this is where nature and nurture come into play as your body and environment also have crucial roles in your weight journey. 

Now, there are several factors that determine your metabolic rate which you need to be aware of.

loss of muscular mass as you age
  • Age: The older you get, the lower your metabolic rate might be. The muscle mass in your body tends to reduce, leaving fat to make up more of your weight. Your body may also not burn calories as much, depending on your activity level.

  • Sex: It is known that men usually have less body fat than women, and have more muscle as well. This also means that men burn calories faster than their female counterparts of the same weight and age.
  • body size
  • Body size and composition: People who are more muscular tend to burn more calories than people who aren’t. Also, individuals have different body compositions that account for how their systems operate including their metabolic rate. This is why you can find someone who isn’t big in size, not adding so much weight at all.

  • There are some other factors that can determine your metabolic rate in addition to that of your natural state. These factors include;

    spicy food stimulate metabolism

  • Food: The kinds of meals you eat can have an effect on your body’s metabolic rate. It has been proven that eating spicy foods, and foods high in protein help to increase the body’s metabolism. Processing your meals in your body also requires some energy, and if your body expends more energy to process certain meals then this could potentially increase your metabolism.
  • physical activity for weight loss
  • Physical activity: How active you are is also a crucial determinant as to how fast or slow your metabolic rate may be. People who are very active and are always up and about, or have some sort of workout routine in place will have a higher metabolic rate than people who are sedentary. A high level of activity also means your body needs to provide enough energy for you to keep up, and this leads to processing and releasing more energy. Hence, your body’s metabolism increases with a very active schedule.

  • Basically, it may seem appropriate to say metabolism is solely responsible for all your weight troubles, but this would be incorrect. Although your metabolic rate has some part to play in your weight loss, there are some other factors that need to be considered. In a nutshell, there are relations between your body’s metabolic rate and the process of weight loss, as the burning of calories and production of energy are some of the essentials of weight loss. However, it isn’t the sole determinant for weight loss or how much weight one can lose in a given period. Be sure to seek professional consultation before attempting any drastic diet changes, workout routines, or taking supplements to help in your weight loss in any way.

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