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How To Have More Energy As We Hit 30 | Hea Boosters

Reviewed and edited by - Foram Modi, Owner and founder of Slimpossiblediet.

If moms ever found Aladdin’s magic lamp, we, (and I speak for all of us), would definitely have asked for more energy, more sleep and more time for some much-needed self-care. Between juggling household chores, sending urgent emails, and spending time with our little ones who always seem to have truckloads of energy, (not that we are complaining), we have a lot to balance.

It feels like we always walk a tightrope between professional, personal responsibilities and somewhat elusive me-time (okay, almost always.) The one thing that I always hope for to complete my own awesome-sauce mom equation is more energy. Here are a few things that have helped me over the years and will hopefully help you too.

5 tips to have more energy:

#1. Getting enough vitamins:

When it comes to energy, it’s the little things that count. Getting our daily dose of vitamins is crucial in order to ensure that our bodies have everything they need to convert food into energy. However, it can be time-consuming and tricky to get all of this from our diets. Taking high-quality supplements every day can help you banish fatigue, feel more energetic, and also add myriad advantages to your day-to-day wellbeing.

It is imperative for moms over 30 years of age to pay utmost attention while selecting vitamin supplements, especially relating to the onset of childbearing years. Taking the right supplements will help in hormonal balance, assist in replenishing the vitamins and minerals lost during pregnancy, and helps in the efficient absorption of all our other nutrients too.

#2. Putting the phone away:

We have many things to do throughout the day, and as the day starts, we tend to start checking our social media and other news apps. Before we know it, we’ve lost an hour, While this isn’t a bad thing by itself, (everyone needs some downtime), it helps to be mindful of how much time we spend in front of the screen as it can tire our eyes in addition to reducing the amount of productive time we have available during the day. Bad news feels, even more, overwhelming on social media because it seems to come up everywhere you look.

This reduces our mental focus and energy and can increase stress levels. Reducing the amount of time I was spending on my phone immediately helped me boost my physical and mental energy levels and is definitely worth a shot.

         #3. One thing at a time:

One of the most important tips that I have is to stop multitasking. Even though most moms (myself included) pride themselves on the ability to multitask, studies show that humans are actually horrible at concentrating on multiple tasks simultaneously. When we think we are multitasking, we are really just task-switching, shifting our attention back and forth from one task to another. This forces our brain to work much harder than it would if we focused on one thing at a time. We end up being less efficient and feeling more energy-drained in the process.

#4. Cutting down on the afternoon Java and limit booze:

Drinking alcohol or coffee is another lifestyle habit that may make us feel tired. This is because both can act as sedatives and make us feel drowsy (after the initial high). Also, having caffeine past 2 PM can cause more harm than good for our energy levels, (especially the next day), by inhibiting our ability to sleep soundly. With our never-ending to-do lists as moms, we often fail to follow the advice we give our kids the most; “Drink more water!”.

reduction of caffeine will boost your energy

When our body is dehydrated, one of the first signs is fatigue. Drinking enough water helps increase our metabolic rate and keeps us energised. It is always better to reach for a glass of water instead of a cup of coffee when you feel zapped of your energy reserves.

          #5. Staying active:

Exercise actually increases your energy levels by releasing endorphins and helps you sleep better at night leaving you more rested the next day. So when that mid-afternoon energy slump rolls around, try moving around / hitting the gym instead of the bean bag or bed. Taking a break from work or household chores during the afternoons to work up a small sweat is a good idea as it energises us for the second half of the day when we tend to feel sleepy.

Here are a few bonus tips to help you feel more energised:

  • Sleep:

This one is a no-brainer; getting enough sleep helps our body and brain rest. Yes, as moms, we have been trained to do everything at light speed without sufficient sleep, but this habit will impact our health sooner or later. A good sleep (5-6 hours at a stretch) prepares and energises us for the next day. While it is tempting to sacrifice sleep in an attempt to get everything done, allow yourself enough time to rest at night...push the things that can wait; there is always tomorrow.

  • Get a hobby:

We have gotten used to following a pattern so that everything goes according to the schedule. A hobby helps us break away from this pattern and opens up a brand new world for us. They help us take a detour from regular life, push us to be more creative, and allow our minds to relax.

  • Meet your friends:

Isolation and a mundane routine can drain you emotionally and can make you feel as exhausted as you would have had you run a marathon. While meeting our friends sounds redundant given the grim situation outside, we don’t have to let the pandemic take such a heavy toll on our social lives.

Staying at home may be the best practice now, but thanks to technology, we can still connect with our friends. This helps us unwind, vent, release stress and boosts our emotional energy. The virus may not haunt us forever, but having low energy will certainly affect us for a long time if not corrected early.

Moms across the board have different nutritional needs compared to 30-year-old women without kids in general. Usually, the best way for a mom to have enough energy is having a balanced diet, some me-time and a little bit of exercise. This probably sounds simpler in theory than it actually is in real life.

The truth is that even beyond our own nutrition and exercise, we will always have our own needs, desires and aspirations too, and that is absolutely okay. Sometimes, all we need to do is to give ourselves space and appreciation that every mom deserves, along with the permission to live our lives and make tiny changes that allow us to harness the energy to enjoy it.

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