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5 Hacks To Fight New Mom Fatigue

Last night, when my girlfriends invited me over for some dinner and gossip, I had a small checklist in mind - sending an update mail to my boss, preparing the evening meal, taking the clothes out of the dryer, and most importantly pumping milk for the baby in case she is hungry while I am away.

I was almost done with pumping the milk, to my surprise, it was 10 PM and I had a gazillion calls and messages from my girlfriends! When did I even put my phone in silent mode?

The girls shared a lot of photos, of them having fun. A few of them are single and a few mothers like me. But all I could think was where do they get the energy of a bouncy ball? A few months ago, I had more stamina than a runner but now I feel plain tired!

I am a people’s person, I love making plans, enjoy having people around and I secretly desire the admiration I receive. But now, my kid’s bedtime is also my bedtime. I make plans but also wish to cancel those plans and curl up on a sofa with my favourite book (okay, watch Bigg Boss).

The mystery remains, why am I so tired all the time?

Mothers all over the world have this question, and not even Google can answer this. Do not worry, I am here to spill the beans and help you out with what helped me out.

  1. Nap rescue: Baby’s naptime is your naptime. Taking short breaks between tasks is a dream and we all agree with that. These naps help recover and stay energised throughout the day.
    nap time mom fatigue
  2. Caffeine reduction: I love to have coffee 1st thing in the mornings. But I have noticed that once the energy spike fades, it leaves you wanting for more, creating a dependency. Staying a little away from our age-old love may turn out to be rewarding.
    Caffeine reduction - momfatigue
  3. Workout bout: The advice that I despised hearing or reading or even executing. Put it off for a good amount of time but when I decided to just stretch, oh boy, it felt like a personality change! Talk to your doctors or fitness instructors who can suggest you better, get the list, and get started!
    workout bout mom fatigue
  4. Vitamin D dearth: Young Mothers have a never-ending list of things to do and the energy requirement is way too much. Do you know, Vit D plays a very important role in enhancing your mood and energy. But I barely find time to finish my chores and go out to get some good old sunshine. I found my hack and invested in some good bite-sized solutions for energy. Check it out!
    Vit D mom fatigue
  5. Self-love: May sound selfish but I cannot stress enough how important it is. Even if you don’t have anyone to help with the baby, start your mornings by making a good breakfast for yourself. Also, invest in some aromas that will relax you, or let’s go back to point 1, get some more sleep.
self love mom fatigue

Remember, a lot of your success also depends on the tribe you have around. So, try not to be hard on yourself and let go of the expectations. To be able to take care of your baby, you should first take care of yourself.

Let’s start mom-ing around!

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