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How effective are Vitamin E capsules for skin whitening?


Is your skin not glowing enough? Are you looking for natural skin whitening products? 

If yes, then Vitamin E capsules for skin whitening is the perfect product to start with. Vitamin E capsules have been used for skin for a long time now. Vitamin E is a supplement that your body needs to regenerate cells as well as support your immune system. It is loaded with antioxidant properties that are essential for your overall well-being.  

Vitamin E capsules for skin can be used in different ways. If you are wondering how you can use this little marvel when it comes to your skincare routine, then keep on reading.  

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Vitamin E Capsules For Skin As A Face Treatment 

Vitamin E oil can be used all over as an overnight treatment for anti-ageing. Known for their thick consistency, Vitamin E capsules for skin whitening is perfect to be used for going to bed as your skin can soak it in completely. However, now with advancements in the cosmetic industry, you can also use Vitamin E oil along with some carrier oil in the day and use it as a base before applying makeup or serums. 

Most anti-ageing or spot correcting serums and creams come with a blend of Vitamin E and could be used at the time of the day, but the effects might not be the same as Vitamin E spot-treatment.  

How You Can Use Vitamin E Capsules for An Overnight Treatment: 

  • Wash your face and clean dirt and cosmetics with a light cleanser and warm water, and pat dry your skin. 
  • In case you're using Vitamin E oil, then mix it with a carrier oil which can be either jojoba oil or almond oil or coconut oil. 
  • Apply the blend or your preferred Vitamin E serum to your skin in a light circular motion and let it sit for at least 20 minutes before hitting the sack.  

Other Uses of Vitamin E Capsules for Skin Whitening  

You might be getting sufficient Vitamin E supplements in your eating regimen, yet adding more through good food varieties could help speed with cell reproduction, clear and glowing skin, just to name a few. Food sources that are high in Vitamin E include blackberries, almonds, and avocados. Below we have mentioned different ways in Vitamin E capsules can be used for skin whitening:

  1. Oral Vitamin E Supplements  

Vitamin E oral supplements can be taken to make sure that your body is meeting its daily requirements of nutrition. One of the many advantages of Vitamin E oral supplements is that you get shiner, youthful, and glowing skin. You can find different oral supplements both online and in a medical store near you. The daily recommended allowance for Vitamin E for adults is 15 milligrams per day. 

  1. Vitamin E Spot Treatment 

Certain people swear by the benefits of Vitamin E capsules for skin spot treatment. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Vitamin E can help reduce acne scars, scarring from injuries, and give you a youthful glow, however, there are no official studies to back this. In case you want to try spot treatment for scars or acne, then all you need to do is purchase some Vitamin E capsules, poke a hole, and use the oil on the affected area. As the oil is concentrated, you have to avoid applying cosmetics on the affected area till the serum soaks in. 

sheet mask
  1. Vitamin E Masks 

Another effective way of applying Vitamin E capsules for skin whitening is using sheet masks or powdered face masks. You can easily buy sheet masks that contain Vitamin E serum and could be used for glowing, ageless, and clear skin.   

Vitamin E Dos’ and Don'ts  

  • Vitamin E might not suit everybody. So, if you are experiencing continuous breakouts or suffer from clogged pores then you need to stop using Vitamin E oil. 
  • Taking oral Vitamin E supplements for a brief span has shown signs of better skin rejuvenation and youthful glow. However, taking them for an extended period could affect blood circulation and decrease platelet count.
  • If you are taking any blood thinners or if you suffer from irregular periods, then you need to consult your physician before taking any Vitamin E oral supplements. 


You can find Vitamin E capsules for skin whitening almost anywhere. While medical stores and superstores have a variety of Vitamin E capsules, you might have to give some thought to which brand would suit your needs. In case you are using oils or serums, you need to go for the most trusted brand. You can also search for Vitamin E oil on online cosmetic providers like Amazon.

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