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5 Benefits of biotin for hair


Biotin is also known as vitamin B7 that helps in converting the body’s nutrients into valuable energy. The other name for biotin is vitamin H. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in having healthy hair, nails, and skin. If your body is not getting enough protein then you can experience hair loss or scaly red rash. However, the deficiency of biotin is rare. In most cases, your body gets enough biotin from the food you eat which helps in catering health benefits. You can have a healthy biotin level by including vegetables, eggs, meat, nuts, fish, and seed in your daily supplement.    


Biotin is a crucial vitamin for healthy hair. It not only gives healthy hair but also strengthens it and makes it shinier. You can include this vitamin as an important source for the functioning of the nervous system and metabolism regulation. Biotin taken in a topical form is less effective in comparison to the biotin added in a supplement. 

Why is biotin good for hair? 

It is believed that Biotin has positive effects on hair and it helps in improving hair health. Biotin adds shine, volume and also covers the scalp of a person experiencing hair loss or thinning of hair. You can have the options of biotin-enriched hair products in the form of tablets, pills, serums, etc. The products might not be cost-effective but not to worry! You can intake biotin enriched food options in your diet to keep your hair healthy and shiny. We will discuss the five major benefits of biotin for hair. Let’s have a look at it.      

long hair

  1. Hair growth 

Many of the manufacturers of hair-care products are of the opinion that hair products including hair oils, masks, shampoo, creams, and conditioner that contain biotin hold the ability to thicken the hair, increase its fullness and also add shine. Research states that biotin-enriched supplements help in stimulating hair growth. Biotin helps in improving hair growth and also controls inflammation.  

  1. Thickens hair

One of the biggest benefits of biotin for hair is that it thickens the hair and makes it look more lustrous. If you are dealing with the problem of hair thinning, try biotin-based hair care products. Biotin will help grow hair healthier and longer within a short span of time. Healthy people as well as people with some health issues can make their hair look best by including biotin in their diet or as a topical option. Biotin supplements are the best solution for having amazing hair.    

  1. Controls hair loss

Hair loss can be caused due to certain medical conditions like endocrine disorders, and menopause. The conditions can affect your hair. One of the biggest signs of biotin deficiency in a body is hair loss. However, research has not proved that this nutrient is able to reverse hair loss. But still, biotin is effective for people who struggle with the problem of hair fall, unhealthy hair, and dry or brittle hair. Some of the research has concluded that the supplementation of biotin may help stimulate regrowth of hair in people who have a deficiency of biotin or have alopecia.    

 premature grey hair

  1. Stops greying of hairs

Dealing with hair disorders! Why not try biotin! Biotin is the answer to all your hair-related problems. Among them, one of the biggest hair issues that people are dealing with is greying of hair. The reason behind the greying of hairs is the death of the pigment cells present in our hair follicles. Because of this the hair strand loses its melanin and makes it look transparent. This results in grey, white or silver hair. Biotin helps in maintaining the natural color of the hair and stops the premature graying of hairs. Eat biotin-rich vegetarian sources like mushrooms, leafy green vegetables, sweet potato, cauliflower, etc. to restore your natural hair color.       

hair strength

  1. Strengthens the hair  

Take biotin-rich diets or biotin supplements to strengthen your hair. This B-complex vitamin helps the body to develop keratin. Keratin is a protein that forms hair. You can take about 2,500 mg of biotin as a supplement a day in order to provide strength to your hair. You also add a smaller amount of biotin to the body through foods like salmon, avocados, sweet potato, liver, etc.       


Biotin is not only good for your hair but is also good for your skin, nails, and for your other body organs. Biotin helps to maintain the blood sugar level and is also very important for pregnant women. You can find biotin in natural food sources or in the form of topicals. You can choose any of these forms for your hair growth. It will definitely convert your frizzy, brittle hair into long, shiny, and thicker hair.    

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