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7 ways to get rid of blackheads and get clear skin


Blackheads are one of the most common forms of pimples which are also known as acne. Acne is very often seen in people who have oily skin. Blackheads are formed when pores become obstructed with a blend of dead skin cells and have an abundance of oil (sebum) from your sebaceous glands. The problem of blackheads makes your clear skin look dull.    

Dissimilar to whiteheads, which make closed pores, blackheads have open surfaces, which makes oxidation that is dark in color. The attempt to squeeze or push the black oil plug out might look very enticing, however, this practice can cause harm to your skin and unnecessary scarring on the area of the blackheads. 

If you want to have clear skin free from blackheads then you have to follow a steady skincare schedule. These steps include utilizing products and practices that can remove the skin-clogging oil inside.

skin cleansing
  1. Daily cleansing 

Every day cleansing is fundamental to reduce excess oil, dirt, and other different materials that are responsible for the development of clog pores. The clogged pores are then turned into blackheads. One of the very good approaches is double-cleansing. This approach includes first cleansing with an oil-based cleanser to reduce makeup and impurities from the skin. Examples of purifying oils include olive, argan, rosehip macadamia, or coconut oil. Follow this with a delicate cleaning agent that contains ingredients, for example, rosewater, tea tree oil, or vegetable glycerine. These gentle cleansers will help in reducing the excessive dirt and oil from the skin and will give you clear skin.  

vitamin c
  1. Taking Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be applied to skin that is affected by blackheads or acne. It can be applied topically as a serum, cleansers, or creams. Vitamin C positively affects the blackheads outbreak in different ways: 

  • Prevents blackheads
  • Reduce the redness
  • Helps to improve the skin tone by producing collagen in bulk   
  • Reduces the inflammation and gives a clear skin free of radicals 

Vitamin C is very effective in the treatment of blackheads as it acts as an antioxidant. It reduces the sebum oxidation that as a result decreases the number of blackheads visible on the skin. Sebum oxidation is responsible for causing the dark color of the blackhead. The collagen-boosting properties of vitamin C aids in the repair of damaged skin. 

Vitamin C can be found in various products and formulations. It is often found in oil-based or water-based serums and is also available in sunscreens, cleansers, and moisturizing creams. You can use any of these products under your daily skincare routine in order to get clear skin free from blackheads and their scars.    

  1. Use of salicylic acid for skin cleansing 

If you want to get rid of blackheads and have clear skin then choose over-the-counter (OTC) products rich in salicylic acid, instead of benzoyl peroxide-based products. Salicylic acid is one of the most sought options for reducing blackheads and whiteheads because it breaks down the materials including dead skin cells and excess oil present in the clog pores. Try using a cleanser rich in salicylic acid and wash your face once a day at the start. If the product suits your skin then you can use it in the morning and in night.    

skin brush
  1. Use of skin brush 

The use of skin brushes has exfoliating advantages as they help in removing the excess dead skin cells. These skin brushes can be used on an occasional basis paired with a gentle cleansing wash. One should avoid them if they a sensitive skin. You can get a number of skin brushes depending on your needs, you can use them with your daily cleansing product. The benefits of using a skin brush are:

  • Exfoliate the skin gently
  • Minimize the appearance of the pores
  • Removes impurities and dead skin cells 
blackhead removal
  1. Use of natural blackhead removal scrub or mask

The scrubs or masks made of natural ingredients act as an exfoliating agent and help to remove the dead skin that is responsible for clogging the pores and leading to blackheads. One can reduce their blackheads and get clear skin by using natural ingredients available in their home. The examples include:

  • Egg whites- have skin-soothing, exfoliating, and anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Oatmeal- have skin tightening and reducing blackheads properties
  • Sugar- has a natural exfoliating agent


For the best result, you can apply the mask or scrub once a week in aid of blackheads removal and skin exfoliation. 

clay masks
  1. Use of clay masks 

Clay masks help in drawing out the oils, dirt, and toxins from the skin and helps in unclogging the pores. If you have oily skin then you must use clay masks. There are varieties of clay masks available in the market to choose from. Some of them include sulfur, Sulfur is an ingredient that breaks down the dead skin cells that give birth to blackheads. You can use the mask once or twice a week as an exfoliating treatment.       

  1. Addition of Retinoid to the routine  

The use of Retinoids can be done only under prescription. Dermatologists can prescribe you Retinoids like Retin-A or Differin that are reliable options for eradicating blackheads from the skin. Retinoids decrease the stickiness of the skin cells to stop the blockage of follicular Ostia.    


The treatment routine of blackheads can take 6 to 12 weeks to look effective. If your blackheads are not reducing even after using the above-mentioned tips, then please visit your dermatologist. They can extract the blackheads by using professional blackheads removal tools or can prescribe you retinoids to get clear skin without any blackheads.  

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