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5 Common COVID-19 Vaccine Myths Busted | Hea Boosters

The registrations for the Covid-19 vaccinations have finally been opened to all Indians over the age of 18. With the second wave of the virus sweeping the nation, this is clearly the need of the hour.

Despite the advancements that we have made in the field of science, there are quite a few myths in circulation surrounding the vaccine. These have unnecessarily triggered a great deal of hesitation and a lot of concern in the minds of the general public, stopping them from taking the vaccine.

Here are 5 myths that we are tired of hearing and are entirely untrue:

1. You should avoid getting the vaccine during and five days before or after your period because your immunity is low during this time:

COVID Period Myths Hea Facts
The only thing a period gets rid of is the extra lining of blood and cells that the uterus had created to prepare for the possible arrival of a baby. This has absolutely nothing to do with immunity or the vaccine. Please ignore any posts or forwards that tell you otherwise and get vaccinated as soon as you can.

2. Inhaling camphor, lavang and ajwain will help in increasing oxygen levels:

Hea COVID Myths

If your oxygen levels are low, YOU NEED OXYGEN. Alternative medicine is just as valid as any other line of treatment but needs to be taken under a doctor's supervision/ followed as per your doctor's prescription. Do not believe everything you read on WhatsApp. Ignorance can hurt you just as much as the virus can. 

3. The COVID vaccine can be dangerous if you are diabetic:

COVID Myths Hea Facts

People with comorbidities such as diabetes, cardiac issues, cancer patients (who have finished their treatment) and people with kidney transplants/undergoing dialysis should be first in line to get the vaccine. The vaccine reduces the chances of the virus causing the severe symptoms that people with these underlying conditions would ordinarily face if they are not vaccinated.

4. Nebulisers can be used in place of oxygen cylinders:

COVID Myths, Hea Facts

With the shortage of oxygen that our country is currently witnessing, we find ourselves grasping at straws and are desperate enough to try anything. Nebulizers cannot be used instead of oxygen cylinders. The video of Sarvodaya Healthcare's Dr Alok Sethi claiming that nebulizers can help increase oxygen levels is completely baseless. Please do not mistake forwards and tweets like these for sound medical advice.

5. You get a fever after the vaccine because it gives you COVID:

COVID Myth, Hea fact

Vaccines do not give you COVID 19. This fever is a sign that your body is building immunity to the virus. However, it is possible to get the virus before the vaccine can fully protect you so make sure you continue to take precautions even after you have had the shot.

If you have any doubts regarding the vaccine, it is best to seek advice from a doctor. By virtue of being at the frontline of this entire situation from the very beginning, their ability to guide you on the correct course of action on any COVID 19 related matter is unarguably the best.

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