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10 Habits Of Very Happy Moms

Sometimes as moms we get caught up between work, homemaking and parenthood. While the terms are simple, they carry a universe within. Being a mother feels like oscillating from delighted, thrilled to overwhelmed and unhappy.

Have you too ever felt this way?

The truth is, motherhood fills us with happy moments and thrilling milestones. At the same time, it is also about other minute details. Like sleepless nights, constant tiredness, and need to talk to someone experienced.

All these are part and parcel of motherhood. So, building a few habits, will be helpful in the long run. I am no parenting expert but here is a list of things that worked for me.

10 habits of happy moms:

  1. Step out for sometime: When was the last time you stepped out for yourself and not for the family or home? You don’t have to plan an elaborate vacation. Take a stroll nearby, go to the nearby park and get some fresh air and sunlight.
  2. Ask for help: Being a mother is a tough job in itself. Do not shy away from asking help either from your parents or neighbors.
  3. Catch-up on sleep: Miss your 8 hour rest? Figure out how to get it back. I understand, it may be difficult but a well-deserved rest can make you more energetic.
  4. Meet your girlfriends: And when you meet them make sure that you are talking about something more than the baby. Cannot plan a dinner date with them? Plan a playdate.
  5. Take breaks: With all the race we run throughout the day, we forget to sit and breathe. Relax, have a cup of coffee, go through your Insta post or see your toddler do cute things.
  6. Shut down self-criticism: We are our best and worst critics. Shut that critic in you down, you are doing good, trust me!
  7. Say no: Don’t shy away. Your plate is already full, adding more work will not help.
  8. Enjoy little things: Like singing under shower, dancing like nobody's watching, these small routine things will seem brighter.
  9. Self-love: Anything that gives you some me-time counts as self-love. Whether it is retail therapy or a spa retreat. Or go back to your hobby that made you happy.
  10. Focus on the positive: I understand, it can be sometimes difficult amidst everything. Let the negatives slip out and look at the brighter side of life.

Apart from these, you can also find other habits to incorporate. You can also include your family and kids to follow a few of these with you. At the end of the day, you should stay happy, focused and all the good things so spread the same around.

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