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Why Dusky Skin Is The New Beautiful

Why Dusky Skin Is The New Beautiful 

Beauty trends and standards have changed over the years, and there have been variations in the ways beauty is perceived. There are different shades and complexions that vary across people all over the world. Beauty standards have been rated high when individuals have fair skin, but sadly there are different other complexions that are equally as beautiful.

One of such complexions is the dusky complexion which is characterized by being in the brown category. Dusky skin is darker than an olive or light complexion but is a bit lighter than a dark complexion. The dusky complexion is common among Indian people due to several factors such as climate and genetics. The complexion of our skin is mainly determined by the amount of melanin produced. Lighter skin complexions have less melanin which can put them at risk for skin conditions like easily getting blemishes, skin cancer, and other skin conditions. Darker complexion has more melanin, and the darker the skin tone, the more melanin is produced. Darker skin complexions are at lesser risks of developing skin conditions like skin cancer and other skin issues.

dusky skin

For years people with dusky complexion, especially women, have been discriminated against and looked down on because of this complexion. Now, the dusky complexion is regarded as one of the most beautiful and versatile skin complexions. Thankfully, certain makeup brands have created makeup products that have a wide range of shades and include dusky complexion.

How To Confirm You Have A Dusky Complexion 

dusky skin

Many people are not exactly sure what category they fall into when it comes to their skin complexion. Since there are so many complexion shades, it becomes a little bit more difficult to adequately classify what range your complexion falls under. You have a dusky complexion if you are darker than an olive or wheatish colored person, but a bit lighter than a dark-complexioned person. Some dusky complexions tend to tilt more towards the light spectrum while some are closer to the darker complexion. If you have a dusky complexion then you should be proud of it and wear it proudly.

Why is Dusky Skin The New Trend 

Well, there are more than a few reasons why dusky skin is so widely loved all around the world. Some of the reasons why dusky skin is now a trend include;

brown skin
  1. It is versatile

The dusky complexion is considered one of the most versatile complexions because it provides more room to experiment with makeup and fashion. People with dusky complexion can rock different makeup looks, including nude and bright colors without fear if done right. There are different shades of makeup products and it is essential to pick the right one that suits your skin tone. Now, skin tone should not be confused with complexion. Your complexion is the color of your skin that you can see while your skin tone is underneath your skin which determines the shades of makeup products that best suits you.

Here are different ways to test for your skin tone, and there are only three main skin tones which are cool, neutral, and warm. Unlike the complexion which spans a wide variety, you can have one or two of these skin tones regardless of your complexion. People with dusky skin get to also choose different hair colors that complement this complexion.

  1. Blemishes are not as obvious

The lighter your skin tone, the more obvious the blemishes on your skin. Individuals with dusky skin, however, do not have to worry too much about concealing blemishes and spots. This isn’t to say people with dusky skin should go without using concealer, no. You are still advised to use a concealer during your makeup routine for the benefit of highlighting certain areas of your face.

  1. Less prone to certain skin issues

As mentioned earlier, people with lighter skin complexion are more prone to have skin issues and are affected more by sun exposure. It is easier for light-complexioned people to get sunburned if exposed under the sun for too long than darker complexion individuals. People with dusky complexions produce melanin that can help reduce some of the effects of sun exposure and makes them less at risk for certain skin issues. You should add a layer of protection on your skin when indoors or outside with sunscreen, regardless of your complexion. This protects your skin from damage caused by free radicals and harmful UV rays.

Final Words 

There is no doubt that dusky skin is just as beautiful as any other skin type. Using the right skincare and makeup products will ensure you get the best out of your skin type. You should be proud of your complexion no matter what it is and should wear it with pride. A healthy diet and lifestyle choices like working out can also preserve the beauty of your dusky skin.

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