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What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About Mood Swings | Hea Boosters

If you have been swinging between feeling unadulterated joy and overwhelming emotions at the same time, then you know what mood swings are. Also, the truth is, mood swings are normal while you are pregnant and even when you are a new mom.

Although sometimes, you may experience them more often than other pregnant women but there's nothing to worry about. The good news is like a lot of physical changes that happen during pregnancy, these mood swings shall pass too.

Eventually you will get back to your normal, even-tempered self again. However, till then it will be beneficial if you know more about mood swings during pregnancy and even after that, so that you can deal with them better.

Reasons of mood swings:

Certain factors further contribute to the tide of emotions and the constant changes in your mood. These factors could be anything both internal, that is bodily changes, and external. Some factors that contribute to mood swings are:

1. Hormonal imbalance:

There are several factors that contribute to mood swings but one of the biggest culprits is hormonal imbalance. You are most likely aware that certain hormones increase during pregnancy like estrogen and progesterone and these go down once you have delivered your little one. The levels of these hormones vary at every stage of your pregnancy. 

Progesterone helps to relax and loosen muscles and joints, but it may also cause sluggishness, fatigue, and occasionally sadness. Estrogen is an active hormone that works throughout your body and is responsible for regulating your mood. So you see, a sudden rise in any of these can lead to a serious meltdown.

2. Lack of sleep:

You already know how it feels when you don’t get enough sleep. You’re sometimes irritable and probably on edge. During the first trimester, feeling tired and fatigued is probably an understatement. Constant lack of proper sleep can be a potential recipe for constant mood changes as well.

3. Stress and anxiety:

Whether you’re pregnant or a new mom, stress is known to be a potential trigger for mood changes. When you are severely stressed, it's no surprise that you won’t exactly be in an elated mood either. Anxiety could also lead to stress which then leads to a change in your mood.

Constant mood swings can be a sign of different things. It is sometimes your body's way of telling you that there may be something wrong, like being seriously stressed and that you need to relax.

For most women, mood swings are often a sign of a heavy menstrual flow, severe stress, or bodily changes. As mentioned earlier, mood swings can’t be banished and are not always bad. During pregnancy, you should take note of certain things that may trigger your change in mood.

It could be the smell of a particular type of food, when you have had enough sleep, or when you are suffering from fatigue. Then again, it could also be your hormones which isn’t a bad thing.

What to do about mood swings?

You probably think there isn’t much you can do about mood swings and you just have to ride out the wave of emotions, which isn’t so. On the contrary, there are a few things you could do that will help improve your mood and overall well-being.

Here are a few tips that will help you deal with mood swings better: 

1. Get lots of sleep:

We have already established that lack of sleep could potentially trigger your mood swings because your body isn’t well-rested. It is essential that you try and prioritize sleep, and sleep for at least 6 - 8 hours to improve your mood. You can take naps in between during the day when your baby is also napping. It will leave you feeling more energized and less fatigued.

2. Eat well:

Your diet could also affect your mood, and you must eat properly for yourself and your baby. Going about on an empty stomach can leave you irritated and tired, which in turn puts you in a bad mood. You must try to have a proper diet with nutritious meals and snacks.

3. Exercise:

Exercise has proven to be one of the efficient ways of lifting moods and being in a better mental state. Blowing off some steam is good for your body and mind as you have a clear head after a good workout session. Simple exercise like long walks, swimming, running on the treadmill, or a jog can do wonders for your mood. Doing some prenatal yoga can also help your mind and body.

4. Talk to someone:

It is good that you talk to someone, either with your family or a trusted friend. If you notice being alone doesn’t help much then you could go out or have people over to talk to who will help take your mind off things. A therapist can provide counseling and help you see things that may be contributing to the changes in your mood.

Do mood swings go away?

It would be impossible or a lie to say you won’t experience mood swings anymore after a certain phase. Most women are already accustomed to the constant changes in their mood, but no matter how hard we try it's something we won’t always fully get the hang of.

Certain bouts of unexpected mood swings will certainly pass, especially if you take care of yourself and seek help when you need to. However, for some people, it may escalate into something more serious if left unattended. Mood swings can be taken care of, and may surely be less with proper self-care.


It is perfectly okay to not always be in an excited mood, even as a new mom. The truth is we can’t always be in a good mood given the complexities and the dynamic nature of life. The most important thing is to take good care of yourself by following the steps above. Give yourself some love, be patient with yourself, and always remember that it is a gradual process. Nothing lasts forever, and certainly not mood swings when you properly care for yourself.

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