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What are good skin vitamins


Aapki Twacha se Aapki Umar Ka Pata hi Nahi Chalta,” is one statement that every woman wants to hear. 

But what can we do to get the glowing skin every woman dreams of? Well, the answer is simple: you need to invest in some good skin vitamins that can help you get Cleopatra-like young and glowing skin. 

Your skin is the first defense system of your body. When you visit a dermatologist, the first thing that they will recommend you will be to stay away from the sun as much as possible. Overexposure to the sun could lead to skin burn, early aging, and some forms of cancer. So, what to do if you need to stay out in the sun for an extended time? Well, first, put on the best SPF-based sunscreen and second, buy some good skin vitamins

As much as our body needs vitamin D from the sun, it also needs Vitamin C, E, and K to keep our skin healthy and young. Consuming skin vitamins means seeing  a decrease in: 

  • Dull spots 
  • Redness  
  • Wrinkles  
  • Patchy and rough skin 
  • Dryness  
  • Early signs of aging

What are good skin vitamins?

Good skin vitamins are easily accessible as supplements and can also be found in skin care products. It is advisable to consume food items that are rich in these vitamins. Below we have discussed these four essential skin vitamins that can help you make your skin look young, radiant, and youthful:  

vitamin d
  1. Vitamin D

Your body gets its daily dose of Vitamin D in daylight. When you step out in the sun, the upper layer of your skin, the epidermis, consumes Vitamin D from sun exposure, which then creates a protein called 7-dehydrocholesterol that helps cholesterol in your body convert into Vitamin D. Your body uses Vitamin D to create healthy cells that are essential for the complexion, treating psoriasis and more. Nowadays, you can get the same benefits from skin cosmetics like sunscreens, which contain a synthetic chemical called calcitriol that replicates the same effect and is useful for people with psoriasis. Our body needs 600 IU of Vitamin D each day.  

vitamin c
  1. Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is found at the external layer of skin called the epidermis, as well as the inner layer of the skin, the dermis. It is essential for collagen production and its antioxidant properties help you in keeping your skin healthy, glowing, and supple. This is the reason Vitamin C is one of the key ingredients that you should seek if you want to reverse the effects of time. We need to consume at least 1,000 mg of Vitamin C each day.  

vitamin e
  1. Vitamin E 

Just like Vitamin C, Vitamin E is an essential nutrient that you should be consuming for healthy cell reinforcement. Its fundamental ingredient is essential when you are seeking glowing and healthy skin. This nutrient helps protect our skin from harmful effects of the sun as well as makes our skin bright, less prone to dull spots and wrinkles-free. Typically, our body produces Vitamin E through sebum, which is a substance emitted from our skin's pores. In the right equilibrium, sebum helps keep the skin healthy, supple, and delays the effects of aging, wrinkle, and dryness. We need to consume at least 15 mg of Vitamin E each day.  

vitamin k
  1. Vitamin K 

Did you know which nutrient helps in blood coagulation? Well, it's Vitamin K. This nutrient helps your body recuperate from wounds, injuries, and surgical areas. It also helps reduce signs of aging, dark spots, acne, dark circles under your eyes, and more. You can easily find Vitamin K in skin creams and is useful for treating various skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. We need to consume between 90 and 120 ugs of Vitamin K each day.  


Good skin vitamin supplements are easy to find and essential for our physical well-being. However, like everything, you need to discuss with your dermatologist or specialist before adding any form of supplement to your eating routine. Next time, when you are looking for ways to get healthy skin or browsing through skincare products at your favorite store, wait, read, and check whether those products contain the vitamins we mentioned. 

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