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Sleep Hacks To Boost Your Energy Levels | Hea Boosters

From understanding cues of your little ones to running around hyperactive toddlers, a mom's sleep can sometimes take a backseat. Sometimes you may not be able to catch a good night's sleep during certain phases of motherhood. This lack of sleep may leave your energy depleted the next day. Before you take care of your children and family, you have to care for yourself first and that includes sleeping well. It is no secret that you won’t be able to do much if you’re constantly feeling tired and low in energy.

Now, coming to hacks of sleeping well, we have a few pointers that can come in handy. These tips are simple and will energize you when after waking up. We understand that these lifestyle changes may be difficult to make initially but will help you sleep better.

Here are the simple sleep hacks that will increase your energy levels:

1. Practice good sleep hygiene:

Good sleep hygiene can help you rest better, especially when you are a new mom and have a newborn at home. We have listed down a few tips that you can follow:
  • Avoid Blue Light Before Bedtime:
Blue light is present in different light sources like the light from phones, televisions, energy-saving bulbs, and laptop screens. Cut down on your screen time a few hours before bed to reduce the effects of blue light on your sleep.

Blue light affects the sleep rhythm and being exposed before bed keeps certain parts of our brains awake and active, making it harder to fall asleep.

Set your devices, especially your phone to restrict all forms of notifications that may catch your attention a few hours before your bedtime. It will reduce your screen time before bed and in the long run, and have you waking up feeling much better.
  • Set A Sleep Schedule:
This may sound rather hard to do, especially when your newborn has other plans at certain hours of the day. However, a sleep schedule can also be for the rest of your family as well as yourself.

It will ensure that everyone goes to bed early, including you, and that you get the much-needed sleep you deserve. You can set a sleep schedule manually by keeping a handwritten log or digital on your devices.

  • Avoiding Caffeine Before Bed:

By now we all know that caffeine helps us feel energized and makes us alert. This can be a good thing during certain hours of the day but not before bed. Drinking things like coffee or other caffeinated drinks will only help to keep you awake longer, making you struggle with sleep.

It is best to drink coffee much earlier in the day, like in the morning after drinking some water first. You should not drink coffee or any caffeinated drinks like energy drinks after 2 pm.

  • Having An Early Dinner:

We understand that this may be difficult especially if you are the one who is planning and prepping the meals. Eating really late at night could be one of the things keeping you up even later, leaving you feeling drained in the morning.

You can schedule family dinner early enough which ensures everyone has dinner at the right time, including you. You should also avoid eating heavy meals at night, or anything after 7 pm.

2. Help your baby sleep:

Almost from three months of age, many babies start sleeping for longer stretches at night, this varies from one child to another. Within six months, two-thirds sleep almost through the night.

To help your little ones develop healthy sleep habits, put them down to sleep when they are drowsy. However, it is a personal choice, whether you want to avoid rocking the baby to sleep as this can become a habit. Babies eventually learn how to fall asleep on their own.

3. Ask for help from your family and friends:

Don’t be shy asking for help from your partner if your baby wakes up in between of the night. If you can pump breastmilk before sleeping, then your partner can feed your little one without waking you up. Sharing night time duties with your partner like feeding, changing diapers and other night time baby duties will ensure that you sleep better.

4. Try Meditation Before Bed:

The only quite time a mom has is when she hits the bed, that is when plenty of thoughts, insecurities and to-do lists pops in her head. Yoga and meditation are known to help calm the mind, which ultimately helps you sleep better. A little meditation before bed in addition to some yoga poses like the corpse pose, reclining butterfly, and the upward dog will help you stretch out and relax your muscles before bed. This will help you feel more relaxed and help you sleep better.

Apart from the list mentioned above, other lifestyle changes like cutting down on alcohol, switching-off high voltage lights, setting the air-condition to optimal temperature and following the timetable that you have set for yourself, will help you sleep better and deeper.

Sleep is very essential because it helps you get the rest you deserve after a long day. It isn’t easy looking after your baby, running personal errands, and having a full time job as well. At the end of each day you are worried, tired, and in need of relief and these hacks will certainly help you sleep better. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so you should just figure out what works best for you.

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