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Pumping Breastmilk And Choosing A Good Pump | Hea Boosters

Some moms have no problems with breastfeeding but a few cannot manage the milk production. In case you too are struggling with latching and nursing your little one, then chances are leaving your breast full for a longer duration can lead to breast engorgement. However, we have the perfect solution. Breast pumps!

If you are looking for different ways to express milk either to manage your current milk supply or to increase it, breast pumps can come in very handy for both first-time moms and breastfeeding moms.

With a wide variety of breast pumps available in the market, choosing the right breast pump for your needs can be overwhelming. Relax – regardless of whether you express milk only a couple of times or you want to bring it into your habit, we have got you covered.

How to choose a breast pump:

Each mum and baby has different needs, and these requirements can change along the direction of your breastfeeding frequency and if you decide to store expressed milk. So we should do thorough research on our frequency of pumping, what kind of breast pump is suitable based on that, and what framework it should work on.

Which kind of breast pump is best?

Taking everything into account, you have three things to think through before making any decision. Understanding these will help you when you're choosing the right breast pump based on your needs and requirements.

A manual or electric pump?

Manual breast pumps are less expensive than electric models, peaceful, and convenient if you are looking for a device for occasional milk expression. In any case, they can be difficult work, as you need to continue to pump the handle to make the vacuum. Electric breast pumps are simpler and more beneficial to use, as the engine does the pumping for you.

Single-breast or twofold breast pumps?

A single-breasted electric pump is ideal for expressing milk occasionally. However, a double-breasted pump (which draws milk from both your breasts at the same time) is more advantageous for expressing milk, if you are in the habit of storing breast milk for your baby or you have more than one baby to feed. This is either for medical reasons or you've just gotten back to work.

Close or open framework breast pumps?

As you search for a breast pump, you'll initially need to consider whether you need a close or open framework. "close framework" and "open framework" aren't formal clinical terms, so brands might unexpectedly use them. Ensure you know what a specific brand implies by the term if you see such products on the internet or shops!

A close framework breast pump comes with a passage that allows control of the flow of the breast milk from spilling into the pump machines. This helps with keeping the delicate parts of the machine clean. However, an open framework breast pump does not have such a system. Though no mechanism can be truly closed because the machine will require a little air to pass through for efficient vacuuming.

What to remember when purchasing a breast pump:

While picking a breast pump, there are numerous points that you should consider:
  • Your specific pumping needs and way of life.
  • Number of feeding and storage
  • The price
  • Accessibility and portability
  • Vacuum strength
  • Is it easy to use
  • The loudness of the machine
Keep in this mind, you can select the best breast pump to meet your needs and requirements. Once you have understood if you are alternating between breastfeeding and pumping or you are going to be storing breastmilk for a longer duration either you have started working again or you are going on a vacation.


There's a breast pump for each individual and condition. Regardless of whether you need to pump each day before stepping out, need something to assist in making your night feeding schedule easier, or are searching for a pump that can help increase your milk supply, you can consider these points before purchasing so that you make the best choice for you.

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