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How Does Meditation Help In Relieving Stress? | Hea Boosters

Reviewed by : Priya Sinha, Dietician, National Level Yoga Gold Medalist

Energizes You

The most effective way to energize is to calm down. It sounds like a paradox, but meditation can help revitalize the energy you lost and save the energy already present within you. Meditation is a free and natural alternative to artificial boosters like coffee that eventually lead you to “crash” or taking supplements with side effects. Taking a couple minutes from your day to practice some meditative techniques can go a long way!

Frees You from Anxiety

The more we worry, the less space we allow ourselves to think clearly. Fortunately, meditation is an extremely effective way to manage stress. Study after study has found that the techniques used in mindful meditation can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. Many stress reduction programs employing meditation techniques have shown great results - as meditation reduces anxiety symptoms such as irritability and poor sleep.

Boosts Your Immunity

The relationship between our immune system and meditation has been studied for a long time. Turns out, mind and body have a deeper connection than we think! Being under constant stress can cause a chronic release of stress hormones which can impair the immune system. Therefore, meditation can greatly benefit your immune system by reducing stress. No wonder relaxed people live longer!


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