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How To Switch From Breastfeeding To Pumping Breastmilk and Formula Milk | Hea Boosters

Most moms learn the art of breastfeeding over a period of time. Different latching positions, understanding baby’s cues and feeding her little one. However, some mothers choose to breastfeed their babies beyond one year while others may choose to stop feeding early.

In any case, there are various reasons why a mom may transition her baby from breast milk to formula before their child's first year. If you are one of such moms and worried about this transition, breast pumping, and introducing your baby to formula milk, then you don't need to worry, just keep on reading and we'll discuss everything in this article.

In this article we'll cover:

  • When to transition to formula from breastmilk
  • Instructions to introduce formula to a breastfed
  • Tips for pumping breast milk
  • Recommended tips for a smooth transition
Regardless of whether you're preparing your baby for partial or full transition from breast or looking to understand how breast milk pumping along with formula milk can be beneficial to you, then just sit tight and we'll help you understand this situation better.

When to transition from breastmilk to formula:

While some moms choose to breastfeed their babies till they start eating solid, while some moms choose to breastfeed, express their milk as well as alternate feeding with formula solution.

Though you may look for reasons to transition your baby to formula, there is no ideal answer to this question. It is your choice and up to your willpower to continue breastfeeding. Apart from this, you need to consider your baby’s weight, if they are not achieving the ideal weight, then you can include formula milk along with breastfeeding them.

Most effective ways to introduce formula milk to breastfed babies:

There are 3 primary ways in which you can acquaint your baby with formulas along with breastfeeding them or using pumped breast milk.

  • Half weaning:
Partial or half weaning is one of the common ways used by mothers who alternate or give at least one formula milk feed to their babies. It is the best way to introduce bottles to your baby. This way you can see if your baby can keep down formula milk or not.
  • Steady weaning:
Progressive or steady weaning is an incredible strategy for moms who wish to discontinue breastfeeding altogether. In this way, you can start weaning your baby easily and they get accustomed to formula milk and bottles easily.
  • Beginning with formula:
Though this strategy is not recommended because liquid gold or breast milk is recommended for babies as soon as they are delivered, some moms choose to give their babies formula milk from their first feed just because either they are not comfortable with breastfeeding or they have chosen not to breastfeed. Again, this is a personal choice, we are not here to judge anyone.

Is mixing pumped breastmilk and formula safe?

The answer to this question is simple, yes. It is 100% safe to alternate between breastfeeding and formula milk as long as your baby is getting their required nourishment and they maintain a healthy weight.

Dealing with yourself when weaning:

The real problem start where you i.e. MOMS are concerned. We live for the well-being of our babies and when we begin their weaning process, the only thing that concerns us is their nourishment. If the baby starts taking formula milk with breast milk it's all good but the problem arises when they are unable to keep it down, what should you do. Here's what you can do:
  • First of all, do not panic
  • Second, give time
  • Third, try different formula milk (choose from different companies)
  • Fourth, patience

Different tips for a smooth transition:

Since you've chosen the most ideal method to transition your baby from breastmilk to formula milk, we have jotted down some of the tips that will make the process simple for you:
  • Nurse while feeding formula milk
  • Only give warm formula milk to your baby, cold formula mixture may put them off
  • Pick a bottle that mimics a breastfeeding experience
  • Always be patient when it comes to the transition process


We hope that these tips and tricks may help make your transition process simple, smooth, and successful. Weaning the baby from breast milk to formula and from formula to solid can be both exciting and scary, so once again, do not panic and enjoy all these little moments with your baby.

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