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How To Increase Your Metabolism | Hea Boosters

Metabolism is a way our bodies burn calories and maintain functionality. The body’s metabolism is a chemical reaction that the body undergoes during the digestive process. Having a high metabolism means you are able to burn calories faster and maintain the desired weight. However, not everyone has a high metabolism naturally, some people need to put in more work to burn calories.

A low metabolism may also make it difficult to lose weight and meet up your desired health goals. The good news is that there are ways to increase your body’s metabolism naturally to aid your weight loss journey.

Here are some ways to increase your body’s metabolism:

1. Eat more protein:

A modification to your diet is certainly necessary to help increase your metabolism, but you need to eat the right kinds of meals. Eating more protein has been proven to increase the body’s metabolism. The body requires certain energy required to digest and absorb the nutrients in foods, and so eating more proteins increases the rate at which your body processes your meals. Protein also fills you up more and prevents you from overeating.

2. Drink lots of water:

It goes without saying that drinking water is good for one’s overall health. Water can keep those hunger pangs away which make you crave for junk and help in easy digestion of food. Substituting sugary drinks for water helps people successfully lose weight and maintain their desired weight.

3. Add ACV to your diet:

Apple cider vinegar has been proven to help suppress hunger and aid in weight loss. There are mixed feelings as to whether or not ACV helps to increase the body’s metabolic rate. Recent animal studies have proven already established facts that ACV can suppress hunger, assist in weight loss.

4. Do more physical activities:

Being more physically active will help boost your body’s metabolism as your body requires more energy. You can incorporate some high-intensity workouts into your regular routine. The high bursts of activity and low rates of intense rest periods helps to keep the body's metabolism up even hours after the workout session.

You also need to stand and walk around more if your job involves you sitting a lot or staying in the same position for extended periods. Weight lifting is also a good way of increasing your body’s metabolism, and can be added to your workout. You can also lift heavy things even outside the gym, but do this cautiously.

5. Get enough rest:

Lack of proper rest and sleep deprivation can lead to increased blood sugar levels, which leads to weight gain. Lack of sleep has also been shown to increase ghrelin, the hormone responsible for hunger, and reduce the hormone for fullness, leptin. Getting a good night’s rest for the recommended time of 8 hours will not only make you feel refreshed, but also increase your metabolic rates.

Increasing your body’s metabolic rate is one of the essential factors that can help your weight loss journey go much smoother. However, you need to know that this will not just happen overnight. You need to be patient with yourself, as your body adjusts to the new method. It is also important to consult with your physician and a professional trainer before undergoing any strenuous routine, in case of pre-existing health condition. Consulting with experts will also ensure that you are on the right path, and remember to make choices that are best for your well-being.

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