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How is ACV Useful for Women?

How is ACV Useful for Women?

Nature is the root of good health and, nowadays, the search for natural products is on the rise. As women especially, we are particularly concerned about our health internally and externally. We face so many unique issues due to our biological makeup that makes us who we are. This is why many of us find ourselves constantly on the lookout for a new product that will help us tackle this problem or that. As stated earlier, health stems from nature, and there are so many natural remedies to a lot of problems we face as women. A good example of such versatile natural remedies is Apple Cider Vinegar. 

You may or may not have heard of ACV and the wonders of this natural product. Well, whether you have or not we are here to break it down for you and explain to you just how good ACV is.

ACV is made through a fermentation process from apples, sugar, and yeast. 

ACV for period issues


According to the American Family of physicians, approximately 20% of women experience menstrual pain that is strong enough to interfere with their daily activities. This figure indicates how big a problem cramps are for women during menstruation. It would be a lifesaver to have a home remedy for this dreaded problem. Well, there is one. All you need to do is take about 1-2 tablespoons of ACV daily, starting a few days before your period starts. It is advised you take it diluted with water or as an ingredient in your food due to the acid content of ACV. ACV helps to get rid of bloating which occurs during menstruation due to its fermentation, since consuming foods with lactic acid-producing bacteria makes it easier for us to break down food. The potassium in it can help with migraines or period-associated headaches and the calcium will help ease the painful contraction of the uterus. Amazing, right? We know!

ACV for the skin

Hormonal imbalance is just one of the many things we have to deal with due to fluctuating hormone levels during our lifetime. From the onset of puberty to menstruation, and, finally, menopause. This hormonal balance affects things like our skin and our overall health. Hormonal imbalance can be a source of acne and adult acne can severely lower your self esteem. The good news is that ACV can help with your skin problems. According to Sejal Shah, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, ACV contains a lot of ingredients that dermatologists recommend for treatment of acne. The acetic acid in it is also known to be anti-bacterial and keratolytic (that is capable of removing skin lesions).

ACV for the hair

Frizzy and dull hair tends to be alkaline, while ACV is acidic. As a result, it will balance the pH level of your hair and return it to normality. Its microbial qualities can also help to kill or control microorganisms that may be causing itchiness or any other hair problems. ACV is also said to contain some minerals and vitamins that are good for hair growth and overall health. You just have to make sure not to use too much because, in excess, it may cause damage to the hair due to its acidic content.

ACV for weight loss


Dieting, exercising, portion control - you might have attempted them all or tried at least one of these to lose weight. While they may have worked for a few, they have not worked for most of us sadly. However, the good news is that ACV can help here as well. Sources from the database of National Institute of Health suggest that consuming ACV lowers bad cholesterol in the blood and blood sugar, and improves insulin sensitivity, all of which are necessary for weight loss. You can use it as a salad dressing or simply dilute it with water and drink it to reap its benefits.

There are so many benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and it would be almost impossible to list out every single one of them in a single blog post. However, we hope that this little insight will prove useful for you and your overall health. 

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