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Fun Sprouts Salads That Can Help You Lose Weight | Hea Boosters

Being healthy shouldn’t be exhausting. You don’t need to eat bland food to get back in shape and fit in your favorite pair of jeans. Sprouts can literally be your best friend during this journey! 

Yes, you read it right. Sprouts are the new diet-friendly food that everyone from celebrities to bloggers swear by. Not just dal sprouts!  All microgreens are amazing!  Packed with loads of proteins and vitamins, sprouts are filling and nourishing. You can prepare them with mixed greens, top up your burgers and sandwiches, serve them with meat, or simply eat sprout beans sprinkled with some salt and lemon.  

Sprouts or shoots, are phase during which the process of changing into plants from seeds takes place. It is said that during the initial stages of germination, the seeds are stacked with supplements that are essential for the body and mind. Hence, you’ll see doctors and online portals recommending that we all include sprouts in our eating routine. 

Various grains like soybean, peas, moong dal, chickpeas, oats and oilseeds can be eaten by growing their sprouts. Earlier, people used to eat microgreens, which were an earlier edition of sprouts. 

While both are easy to develop at home, sprouts are more easily accessible in general stores. You will also use moong dal or horse gram sprouts on the racks of your favorite supermarket. Get back a pack and prepare them into plates of mixed green salad or make a quick meal along with other food items.  

You can likewise include some masalas, spices, veggies, and even meat to get yourself a healthy lunch. If you are searching for some fascinating ways in which you can create some tasty sprout meals at home, we present 10 tasty and fun sprout meals to help you begin your weight loss journey.  

  1. Bean Sprout Salad:

Bean sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, and spring onions with some fresh garlic dressing, this serving of mixed green vegetables isn't just force loaded with nourishment but also filling when you need something to snack on during work.  

  1. Sprouts Jalfrezi:

I know this may sound a little weird, but it's true. You can now create a fusion meal using your regular sprout seed. The recipe for Sprouts Jalfrezi is similar to the Vegetable or Chicken Jalfrezi, simply, replace or add sprouts to the recipe and you have a main course dish ready.  

  1. Vaal (Bean Sprouts):

Vaal is cooked with coconut paste and masalas until it's soft and tender with a strong aroma of flavor from coconut and Indian masalas. You can serve this dish with steamed rice for a quick bite. 

  1. Balinese Jukut Urab:

Balinese Jukut Urab is a vegetable dish served with mixed greens and beans, sprouts, spinach, and ground coconut with mixed salty and sweet spices. 

  1. Sproutamin Salad:

If you need something simple and healthy, then this is the dish for you. Sprouts and green vegetables and fruits of your choice all together with a little bit of salt and lemon and you have a healthy plate of sprouts salad ready to go. 

6. Crispy Omelet Baskets: 

Imagine a fluffy omelet loaded with your favorite veggies, bean sprouts served along with crispy cashews. On top of that, you can serve it inside a crunchy potato basket prepared using boiled potatoes and baked in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees celsius. A good supper, amazing for the glut at the end of the week. 

  1. Sprout Chaat:

A quite simple dish that you might have already eaten. A mix of sprouted lentils and beans with lemon, salt, and chaat masala to add a little zing. 

  1. Low Cal Bhel Puri: 

The famous Indian road food gets a healthy twist because you will be using sprouts instead of puffed rice. The additional crunch and flavor make it an incredible snacking alternative. 

  1. Smoked Chicken, Sprouts, and Pearl Barley Salad: 

In this recipe, we will use sprouted grain pearl barley and combine it with some delightful smoked chicken. The warm plate of mixed greens with the sprouts, cucumber, and pomegranate makes it a luscious treat. 

  1. Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Pancakes): 

Banh Xeo is a Vietnamese pancake that is made with rice flour. You add some shrimps, chicken, and bean sprouts to make it a wholesome meal.  


We hope that you enjoy these recipes and would write back to us about which one was your favorite. Adding a little bit of zing and flavor to your boring sprouts can help you stick to your diet and get to see great differences. 

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