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Can You Continue Breastfeeding If You Are Pregnant | Hea Boosters

Being a parent is one of the greatest joys of one’s life. You may have been through the journey once and are reconsidering having another child. If you are still breastfeeding and thinking about your next pregnancy, then there might be some questions. Every mother’s journey is unique. Whatever choice you've made – or if you haven't thought about more kids yet – you need to be aware of how you can manage to breastfeed while you are pregnant.

If you are pregnant, then most likely you might have questions concerning breastfeeding while pregnant. You need to be sure that breastfeeding is okay for both your little one and your fetus as your pregnancy advances. While you are breastfeeding, your body produces hormones like oxytocin, which is essential for uterine contraction, so you need to check out the first tip, which is very important for moms who are breastfeeding during pregnancy.

However, while you are pregnant, your body may release and produce some hormones that may pass to your older child while you are feeding them. One of such hormones is oxytocin, which is delivered in limited quantities during a feed, so it isn't sufficient to cause preterm labor.

Correct Posture While Breastfeeding: 

​It's no rocket science to understand that when you are nursing, your body is consuming a lot of energy, something that can be insufficient for you and your babies. Make certain to sit or rest in a comfortable spot when breastfeeding or pumping to allow yourself to rest while you are nurturing your babies. As your pregnancy advances, you may have to get innovative with new nursing places and positions that are agreeable for you and your little one.

Keep Track of Your Milk Supply:

Many moms have noticed that their milk supply begins to diminish around months 4 or 5 after birth, so they start weaning their babies by adding other sustenance to their eating routine. In case they feel full after breast milk and are meeting their development and weight markers, then, there's no reason to be concerned.

When your new baby arrives in the world, they should get colostrum or the first milk. Considering that, you may choose to nurture the new baby or limit the breast milk for your more developed baby.

Think About Your Eating Routine:

By now, you would have thoroughly understood how eating healthy is significant for the wellbeing of your child – both during your pregnancy and after birth, while you are feeding breast milk. Be that as it may, eating extra calories is essential for you, mom! You need to include healthy food to increase your breast milk supply for both your new as well as your established baby.

Take Care of Your Breast and Areola:

​You most likely realize that sore areolas can lead to unsuccessful breastfeeding conditions for certain mothers, however, this can be managed with proper breast and nipple care. So, if you notice any abscess or pain, reach out to your doctor immediately.

Is it Safe to Breastfeed While Pregnant?

You may decide to breastfeed through your next pregnancy for a few reasons. For instance, you may become pregnant while your first child is as yet youthful (it is possible to fall pregnant while breastfeeding, regardless of whether your periods haven't returned). Or on the other hand, you probably won't be prepared to wean your little child yet (weaning for the most part happens any time between birth and age 3).

Whatever the explanation, it is normally entirely protected to breastfeed while pregnant. Your body will continue creating sufficient milk to feed your more seasoned kid, while your unborn child will get every one of the supplements they need from your body.

Breastfeeding triggers gentle compressions. These are protected in simple pregnancies, yet in case you are in danger of preterm work — for instance, in case you are anticipating twins or more, or on the other hand on the off chance that you have had unsuccessful labor or preterm birth previously — then, at that point look for counsel from your primary care physician or maternity specialist.

Taking Care and Weaning of Your First Child:

Your breastmilk will help your first baby grow and get all the nourishment they may need. Nonetheless, you are probably going to produce less milk as your pregnancy advances. Breast milk will begin to change as you begin to deliver colostrum, and it may taste different. Keep all this in mind, once you decide you want to get pregnant or you find out you are pregnant, you must start weaning your elder baby by introducing formula milk and solid food as they grow.


Breastfeeding while pregnant can make your breasts sore and your areolas sensitive. You may find that you are significantly more worn out or may experience morning sickness, which is very common during pregnancy.

But in the end, being a mom is a blessing. You can care for yourself by eating right, ensuring you are hydrated, and getting a lot of rest, and feeding your baby breast milk by alternating it with formulas.

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