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Best Gift Ideas For Moms To Be Post-pandemic

Best Gift Ideas For Moms To Be Post-pandemic 

Expecting a new baby can be pretty exciting, and it is important to support expecting moms in every way possible. Expecting moms are often with a long list of things they have to do and get, and a good way to support them is getting them stuff they actually need throughout this journey. If you know an expectant mother and would like to show support on this great journey you can get them a few awesome gift items that are practical and that remind them that they are beautiful.

gifts for mom to be

Sometimes people are at a loss for what to get a new mom, but the best place to start is by asking them what they actually would need. However, if you want to make it a surprise but don’t know what to get then this list is a great place to start.

Here are some wonderful gift ideas for a new mom in the post-pandemic period that they would actually make use of;

  1. Maternity leggings

Comfort is one of the most crucial things every new mom seeks and a pair of leggings comes in handy. This will allow her to move around easily while providing comfort during the day. If she is also into light fitness, then this will definitely be a great addition to the activewear collection. A stretchy piece of leggings will serve multiple purposes and provide comfort.

breast pump
  1. Breast pump

New moms sometimes suffer from breast engorgement and getting the milk out helps to provide relief. It is also helpful for moms who want to store up breast milk for their babies because they have to work or be away for a little while. Breast pumps are essential for most moms and will be a lovely gift addition.

sling wrap
  1. Sling wrap

Mother and child contact is one of the thrilling things about motherhood and a way to enhance this contact is by using a sling. A sling wrap also ensures that the new mom can get things done around the house while keeping her baby close. It also makes nursing easier, especially in public places. A sling wrap is essential that most moms need to make moving around a bit easier.

baby carrier
  1. Baby carrier

Every mom needs a baby carrier to carry their little angel around when they are out and about. It can also be used by relatives and friends to carry the baby and makes mobility easier. Baby carriers are essential for expectant mothers and getting this will be quite useful.

feeding bottle
  1. Feeding bottle set

For moms who want to formula feed their babies, a feeding bottle set will come in handy. It can also be used to store pumped breast milk for later when mom isn’t around. A feeding bottle set is a thoughtful gift and helps the new mom save some cash on buying bottles for her baby.

maternity bra
  1. Maternity bra

Nothing beats a good and durable maternity bra for a new mom. Maternity bras are designed to provide comfort for new moms while also making it easy to nurse the baby. Every mom could use a reliable maternity bra for when they are out and need to nurse or even indoors. You will however need to find out their bra size so you can get the correct one. You can find stylish maternity bras by brands online that are beautiful and practical at the same time.

formula dispenser
  1. Formula dispenser

New moms need a way to cut down food preparation for their baby and a formula dispenser is a handy tool that does just that. It makes it easier to have the baby’s food ready in about 15 minutes or less and saves time too. Now, moms can use their spare time to do other things while the dispenser prepares the formula. Plus the formula is always freshly made so no worries about storage or reheating.

  1. A gift card

You can get a née mom a gift card for anything from a spa day to a paid subscription, or a voucher for products from their favorite skincare and beauty brands. A gift card allows the new mom to pick whatever she likes and needs to make her feel comfortable during this new phase.

gifts for mom
  1. A gift set

Gift sets are one of the most thoughtful gifts for women and not just new moms. This will certainly make her feel special and encourage her through the journey of motherhood. You can put together your personal gift set or get a premise gift set from gift brands. A gift set can contain body wash, mist, perfume, lip balm, belly cream, bathrobe, and comfortable silk pajamas. The gift set can typically contain anything you think the new mom would love to have and needs, you’re allowed to be a little creative with it.


Entering motherhood is one of the best moments of a woman's life, and getting them practical gifts that are durable and useful during this period certainly makes it easier. It also shows how much you care about them and that you are there to support them through this journey. If you are not sure of what to get, then you could ask what it is they might need during this period. A pleasant surprise will not only put a smile on their face but also make them feel loved and special.

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