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Benefits Of Fenugreek (Methi) For Breastfeeding Moms | Hea Boosters

You must have probably thought that the nine months that you spent nurturing your little one, taking care of your baby was one of the most beautiful feelings. What if I tell you, there’s more to this feeling, there’s something more which will help you bond with your baby further. Yes, you got it right, the answer is --- breastfeeding.

While the parent community is filled with questions like is breastfeeding better than formula, tips to increase the flow of breastmilk, does caffeine affect breast milk, there are some other questions too that you may commonly come across. For example, what are the herbs to increase breast milk, what are the benefits of fenugreek or something as simple as, benefits of breastfeeding.

Is your baby drinking enough milk, are you able to produce sufficient milk and how will I help my baby latch better are one of the few questions that a breastfeeding mom generally has. However, keep in mind that most mothers can produce enough milk for their babies, however, if you still want to boost your breastmilk production, then fenugreek can help you do so.

Fenugreek or methi is a very common spice found in any Indian household. They are added to curries for their sweet, nutty flavour. For ages, they have been known to aid in decreasing digestive issues, inducing labour and increasing the supply of breastmilk. Fenugreek is also known as a galactagogue, they are substances that promote the flow of mother’s milk during lactation. In a research done by, The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the University of Michigan publishes a paper on ‘Increasing Breast Milk Supply’ postulates the usage of fenugreek as herbal galactagogues.

Researchers have also found that fenugreek or methi has certain properties of phytoestrogens, which are plant chemicals similar to estrogen. Fenugreek doesn’t alter the taste of breastmilk, therefore, your baby may not have a problem with it. However, if you have noticed a change in your little one's milk drinking habits then consider not taking fenugreek for a while. Additionally, there are other lesser-known benefits of fenugreek for breastfeeding moms.

Benefits of fenugreek for moms:

1. Decreases the risk of postpartum anaemia:

Anaemia is a very common issue that most women face due to the lower levels of iron in the body. The amount of iron decreases furthermore during pregnancy and after childbirth as iron is one of the most important nutrients for the growth and development of the baby. Lower levels of iron can be marked by an increase in fatigue after childbirth, weakness and irritability.

Often these signs go unnoticed by a new mom as her entire focus is shifted towards the well being of her child. However, fenugreek has been known to combat anaemia as it has significantly high mineral content. The herb is rich in iron, which naturally can be used to replenish iron deficiency. Furthermore, fenugreek contains a lot of other essential nutrients like magnesium, vitamin B6, and manganese.

2. Helps in reduction of PMS:

Yes, aunt flow doesn’t come alone, she brings along a few cramps, period-acne and the most commonly spoken about, PMS. Fortunately, fenugreek contains choline, a vitamin which has some unique anti-inflammatory properties. This herb also contains compounds like isoflavones and diosgenin. They help to ease PMS symptoms such as cramps and discomfort as these compounds contain estrogen-type properties.

3. Helps in fight constipation:

It is very common to experience constipation after delivery. However, it is not a pleasant experience as a new mother, you have several things on the top of your mind. Fenugreek is high in fibre which helps in keeping your digestive system regular and clean. In addition to constipation issues, you could experience other issues like bloating and this may be the side effects from prescribed postnatal medications to the body’s hormones trying to get back to normal. Fenugreek can prove to be extremely useful here too as it has the tendency to be rich in fibre to its infusion of Vitamin B.

If you think these are all the benefits of fenugreek for breastfeeding moms, then you are wrong. There are some lesser mentioned benefits of this magical herb like improved skin and hair health owing to its compounds like potassium, protein, and lecithin which help in promoting stronger hair roots and stabilizing the hormonal changes that happen.

Fenugreek is an amazing herb which is why it has been used in many cultures across the world. You can include this herb in several foods that can be consumed daily. One of the best ways of using it is in teas, dosas or sprinkle some in your salad. However, fenugreek is beneficial for increasing the flow of breastmilk and for other reasons too. Therefore, using this in some way or another can help you.

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