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7 easy haircuts I can give myself at home

7 easy haircuts I can give myself at home  

We have all been dealing with the pandemic for the last two years, which has impacted our social life. Going out is not as easy as it was earlier. Sitting at home and doing most of the work from there only has become our life’s part now. You are desperately in need of a haircut or a trim but you cannot make it to the salon. Need not worry! You can give yourself a haircut at home and can fix them. You can change the look of your hair by cutting the layers, trimming the bangs, or by nabbing the split ends with a simple pair of scissors. 

haircut at home

Getting a haircut at home might seem complicated but you need to have the patience to get the best result. You have to accept the truth that barbers are not going to be available. Also, you need not worry about its growth as biotin is going to help you with that. For your hair growth, you can take biotin-rich foods like bananas, milk, eggs, and beef liver. What you have to do is to follow easy simple steps one by one while having a haircut at home

Why do you need to cut your own hair?  

  • Cutting your own hair at home is very convenient as it saves a lot of time. You hardly take 10 minutes to cut them at home, whereas it takes about an hour when you get to the barber to cut them.


  • You yourself can give touch-ups to your hair when you are in urgent need and can style them the way you want.   

  • When you yourself give a haircut at home, you get control over it and become in charge of it and do it at your own convenience and time.  

  • Trimming or cutting your hair at home is a valuable skill set. It makes you skilled and grows the trust of the people in you when you do it with full confidence. 

  • Having a haircut at home gives you an incredible style with minimal effort and time.    

What tools do you need? 

You need to have the right tools before you get started for a haircut at home. No one wants to ruin their haircut by choosing the wrong tools. So, here is a list of tools for you all who are willing to cut their hair at home:

haircut tools
    • Scissors or shears: They should be haircutting scissors and should be sharp and small in size.  
    • A comb: Comb is the most required tool in a haircut, it easily moves your hair while you are cutting them.
    • Hair Clips: Hair Clips are optional. You can use them for keeping the hair out of the way.  
    • Thinning scissors: If you do not want to cut all of your hair, you can thin them by using the thinning scissor.     
  • A mirror: You cannot cut your hair without seeing in the mirror so, it is a must-have during a haircut.  
  • Clippers: Clippers make your work easier while trimming and do the bulk of the work during the haircut. 

  • Try your hand with our easy methods and tips for a haircut at home. If you want to have a fresh haircut at home by using easy steps, follow the instructions we have lined up for you.      

    1. Cutting and Trimming Your Straight Fringe 

    We should begin with the easiest haircut at home. It is really annoying if you have long-grown fringes and want to give them a new shape and cut. You either need to imagine better approaches to style it, or visit a salon each a little while. Managing your own fringes at home can save you a ton of time and money! 

    Check out this YouTube tutorial for having a straight fringe cut at home:

    1. Cutting straight-across lob

    This is an easy haircut you can give yourself at home. The haircut is best suitable for people with hair types of wavy, curly, and straight. The lob-style haircut gives a flattering look to the faces. You can cut the hair by sectioning them into two parts. If you have curly hair, straighten your hair before giving this cut to your hair. 

    Check out this YouTube tutorial for cutting the lob style haircut:

    1. Trimming of your curly bangs 

    You can easily cut your curly hair bangs at home by following the easy steps. The trimming looks amazing and it also cuts the dead ends of the hair. We have offered a video tutorial for a quick curly bang haircut within a few minutes done by yourself at home.


    Check out this YouTube tutorial for a curly bang haircut at home:

    1. Cutting the haircut style of the curtain

    This haircut is a famous style of the 90s and it best suits straight and wavy hairs. You can give a curtain bang haircut at home easily with an updated face-framing and wispy look. This haircut covers most part of your forehead in the form of a curtain. 

    Check out this YouTube tutorial for a curtain bang haircut:       

    1. Cutting your own split ends at home 

    Split-ends are caused when your hair becomes dry, frizzy, and frayed. It affects the growth of the hair if not cut or trimmed on time. You need to cut them off at the very moment you notice them. Split-ends can easily be trimmed at home by twisting the section of the hairs. You need to twist the hair into various sections and trim them. You have to trim one section at a time. This will give your hair a new style and look. 

    Check out this YouTube tutorial for split-ends trimming at home:


    1. Afro cut at home 

    You can have a perfectly shaped afro cut at home that too in a round shape. The afro cut looks good on people with coily or curly hairs. You can easily give this haircut at home and can highlight your cheekbones and eyes through this haircut. Use lots of leave-in conditioners before giving this haircut to yourself as it will keep them soft and will protect them.  

    Check out this YouTube tutorial for an afro cut at home:


    1. Long layers haircut at home 

    If you want to cut your hair in long layers at home with hair cutting scissors. Follow the instructions given in the tutorial. All you have to focus on is the length of the hair, adding the layers, and cut it by framing the face in the mirror.     

    Check out this YouTube tutorial for a haircut in long layers at home:

    Conclusion: The best part of giving a haircut at home by yourself is that it saves your time, money, and nerves. You don’t have to visit the salon so often. The above tips and tutorials might be a good help for you. You can use your hands at them and also can become an expert in cutting your own hair at home.

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