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5 Harmful hair colour ingredients to watch out


Do you embrace your grey hair? Well, we might do it sometimes! We can do a lot more things to make our skin and hair look youthful as much as possible. But still, there is very little we can do to stop them from turning grey. What do we do then? We cover our grey hair with hair color and highlights. There are various hair color options available in the market.  The hair colors or hair dyes contain harmful and hard chemicals that can cause serious reactions to our scalp.   

hair colour

But this is not only the case with the hair colors. In reality, most cosmetics and hair products have toxic chemicals that are injurious to our sensitive scalp, they can also cause allergic reactions, can damage our hair with time, cause irritation in the scalp, and also impact our health.     

We all should be aware of the use of toxic chemicals and ingredients in hair color. It is very important for us to avoid hair colors and hair bleaches that contain toxins, as they are very dangerous for our health. Today, most men and women regularly color their hair at certain stages of their lives. Therefore, they should know this hazardous fact and search for safer hair coloring options.      

We use lots of products for our hair treatment. The grey-tuned hair needs hair treatment, so we color them with permanent or semi-permanent hair dyes or colors. The hair colors have toxic chemicals and ingredients which when applied on the scalps, creates irritation and itchiness. 

Consumers demand such hair colors that are long-lasting and provide 100 percent grey coverage within the shortest span of time. So, the manufacturers fulfill the needs of their consumers and produce the products without being concerned about its side-effects on the consumers. 

Before buying the hair color, the consumer should be aware of the toxic chemicals used in the product and should avoid buying them, as they are really dangerous for your hair and health. We have listed the most hazardous and toxic chemicals present in hair color or hair bleach. They are given as under: 

    hair colour

  1. Para-phenylenediamine

The short form of Para-phenylenediamine is PPD and is used as a dye that provides darker shades to the hair. PPD is made from coal tar and is also used in making various forms of permanent hair dyes. It is best to avoid PPD use on the skin. PPD based hair colors cause allergic reactions to the skin and hair. Research states that the combination of PPD and hydrogen peroxide is very harmful and can lead to cancer.      

  1. Ammonia

It is hard to believe that hair color is ammonia-free. Ammonia is one of the most important toxic chemical ingredients used in hair dyes. The powerful and unpleasant smell of the hair color is the result of ammonia in it. Ammonia is used in the hair color so that it can perforate the hair cuticle. Exposure to ammonia has huge consequences if it comes in contact with the hair skin like they damage the hair and make it dry, they cause irritation in the throat and the respiratory system.        

  1. Resorcinol

Resorcinol is a very toxic ingredient used in hair colors and hair dyes. It not only affects your scalp but can also affect your overall health. Resorcinol is a hazardous chemical as it is combustible. If this chemical is inhaled, it causes abdominal pain and causes redness in the skin, if it comes in contact with it. Resorcinol is also known as a hormone disruptor and can affect your central nervous system.   

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide takes away the natural color of the hair and is used to lighten the hair. The hair color with hydrogen peroxide is considered a permanent hair color. It is used for changing the structure of the hair by making it brittle and taking away the natural luster and shine of the hair.      

  1. Parabens

Parabens are very harmful and dangerous for your scalp as they are responsible for hair loss. Parabens are easily absorbed in the skin and cause skin problems like dryness, itchiness, irritation in the scalp, faded hair color, and hair loss.  


If you are going to buy a hair color next time, please be very sure to avoid the above harmful chemicals-based hair dyes. However, it is quite impossible to get hair dyes without any of these toxic chemicals. You can also go for natural and organic hair colors with the least used of these chemicals.      


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