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5 Best Hair Vitamins for Strong and Healthy Hair

5 Best Hair Vitamins for Strong and Healthy Hair

A long, shiny and healthy-looking hair is the sign of health, beauty and grace!

Our body needs dietary supplements to make sure it is performing its function optimally, and the same goes with our hair - it needs supplements for healthy growth, shine, and a wishful bounce. A dietary deficiency or poor eating habits may even lead to balding, hair thinning and hair fall.

While factors like age, hereditary and chemical usage also affect hair growth, an ideal course of vitamin supplements is vital if you want salon-like hair every day.

Here We Go!

Below are mentioned some of the hair vitamins essential for shiny and healthy hair:

Vitamin A

vitamin a for hair

    The cells in our body need Vitamin A for healthy development, which is equally essential for hair, the quickest developing tissue in the human body. Vitamin A helps produce an oily chemical called sebum that keeps the moisture intact in our scalp and makes our hair healthy and shiny. A diet that lacks Vitamin A could lead to severe hair problems like balding. While getting sufficient Vitamin A is essential, you don't need to overconsume it. Studies show that overconsumption of Vitamin A could also lead to balding. Carrots, pumpkins, yams, spinach, and kale contain a high amount of beta-carotene that produces Vitamin A.

    B Vitamin or Biotin

    biotin for hair

      Biotin, also known as the hair vitamin, is one of the most incredible known vitamins for hair development. It has shown results in hair regrowth in people going bald. Some of the excellent food sources of hair vitamin or Biotin are:

      • Whole grains 
      • Almonds 
      • Meat 
      • Fish 
      • Green vegetables and fruits  

      Vitamin C

      vitamin c for hair

        Our body is likely to be influenced by free radicals that hinder overall development. When it comes to our hair, these radicals may cause premature greying. Vitamin C is a fantastic cell-reinforcement hair vitamin that protects our body against the oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Our body needs Vitamin C to produce collagen that plays a crucial role in healthy hair structure. Vitamin C also helps our body in absorbing iron, another fundamental mineral for hair development. Fruits like strawberries, guavas, and oranges contain a healthy amount of Vitamin C.

        Vitamin D

        vitamin d for hair

          Vitamin D deficiency is connected to alopecia, a medical term for balding. The vast majority of us do not get sufficient Vitamin D. It is recommended to absorb early morning sun-rays, naturally available. Some of the many other ways of getting Vitamin D are: 

          • Cod liver oil
          • Fish
          • Mushrooms 
          • Dairy products

          1. Vitamin E
          vitamin e

            Just like Vitamin C, Vitamin E is essential for cell reinforcement and helps in reducing oxidative stress. Sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach and Avocados are the best sources of Vitamin E. We can additionally include zinc, iron, and protein-rich foods in our diet to see visible changes in our hair quality.

            A Final Word From Us

            Consuming foods rich in these hair vitamins is one of the many ways we can change our lifestyle. Biotin has become the most demanded hair vitamin in recent times. We can consume it either in the form of gummies, tablets, and supplement powder. Even if we do not lack them, adding a few hair vitamins to our diet won't harm our health.

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