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3 Basic Types Of Metabolism That You Should Know If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

3 Basic Types Of Metabolism That You Should Know If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

We always talk about metabolism and how it helps us lose weight as well as burning fat. But did you know the different types of metabolism? Yes, there are three unique kinds of metabolism. These different types of metabolism are the reason why some people lose weight easily while others struggle to do so.  

If at any point you've been jealous of your friend who is continually eating and not gaining even a single kilo, well you shouldn’t blame them, you should think about their metabolism.  

The three different types of metabolism are endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph. Though these words will probably never show up in everyday discussion, it's worth knowing the difference between the three. In this way, you can understand which type of metabolism you have, and use this information to enhance your wellness. 

So, shall we dive in and how these different forms of metabolism are essential for burning fat!  

Endomorph Metabolism 


One of the many characteristics of a person with endomorphs metabolism is they are soft and short people with a fuller body. If you gain muscle as well as fat easily and find it hard to lose, then, you have an endomorph metabolism. People with endomorphs have a sluggish metabolism, so it's simple for them to put on weight (the greater part of which is fat, not muscle) but difficult to lose them. 

If you fall in this category, then you can start with a mix of cardio and strength training coupled with a diet where you consume fewer calories are essential for burning fat. When you cut down your carb intake and increase your protein and fats intake, you can lose weight more easily.   

Ectomorph Metabolism 


Individuals with an ectomorph metabolism will in general be of smaller body and strong bone construction. They're normally more slender, less fatty, and it's difficult for them to put on weight. They have a quick metabolism, which allows them to consume calories faster than other metabolism types. To put on weight, ectomorphs generally need to increase their caloric intake. 

For ectomorphs, they should focus on exercises that aid them in gaining muscle. You should incorporate a mix of cardio and strength training, with more focus on strength training rather than cardio for weight loss and management.  

Mesomorph Metabolism 


Often referred to as an athletic body, people with mesomorph metabolism types have rectangular and muscular bodies. This group of people gains fat more effectively than the ectomorph, so you'll need to watch your caloric intake, but they can also lose the muscles they have gained easily as compared to endomorphs. People falling in this group should focus more on weight training for burning fat.

Why Metabolism Type Matters 

Most people often fall into more than one category of metabolism types and it is not wrong. Our body is different from that of the next person, to understand it better we need to understand why it is. One of them is understanding why different metabolism types matter.

The idea behind understanding and identifying your metabolism type(s) is significant as you can easily develop a workout schedule that improves your weight loss plan. Your metabolism decides how your body changes calories into energy, similar to the type of vehicle and which kind of gas you should use to drive it. 

Some metabolism types will use fuel (i.e. food) quickly as soon as it enters your body (these are ectomorphs). Others might have to wait for the fuel to break down a little later to use (a normal case with mesomorphs and endomorphs). 

Understanding your metabolism and how it functions for your body offers you an opportunity to make the best of your workout plan and which type of food works for you. This implies taking care of your body with the right varieties of food that will allow you to reach your goal quicker, regardless of whether it's putting on muscle or losing fat. 

The most effective method to Improve Your Metabolism, Regardless of Body Type 

In case you're not happy with the metabolism that nature has given you, you'll be happy to know there are a few things you can do to work on your metabolic rate. So, what can we do:

Gaining Muscle 

Gaining muscle allows you to consume more calories, even when you're not working out. With a small duration of resistance training or weight training, you can gain muscle, which will allow you to lose fat faster than others.  

Eat Protein 

Eating proper food can help your metabolism, as your body requires energy to burn all the food you take in into energy. Protein has the biggest thermic impact on food and can increase your metabolism by up to 30% by burning fat. Including protein based diets for weight loss is how you can start your weight reduction journey.

Drink Cold Water 

cold water

Drinking cold water could help increase your metabolic rate in an instant. First off, it can increase resting metabolism up to 30% for about an hour after drinking it. How? When you're drinking cold water, your metabolism increases as your body is attempting to increase its temperature to keep it at normal temperature. 

Eat Small Meals and Snacks 

Eating smaller meals over time can keep your body from going into starvation mode as well as increase your metabolism rate. Small meals urge your metabolism to continuously consume fuel as opposed to burning it only thrice when you have three big meals.  

Get a Full Night's Sleep 


The lack of rest can negatively affect your metabolism, which is one of the many reasons behind weight gain. Research has shown that people who get proper eight-hour sleep develop hormones like leptin and ghrelin, which are essential for smothering craving and decreasing appetite, respectively.  

Stand Instead of Sitting

Sitting is the new smoking. Studies have shown that standing at work can consume an extra 174 calories in contrast with sitting. Calorie consumption keeps your metabolism running, so now is the time to exchange your desk with a standing workstation, if possible. 


You need to understand that every person is different and their body’s requirements are different. You don’t need to push yourself and blame your body for the way it is. You have to understand its needs and work around them to make it better and healthier. 


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