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15 Things To Carry When Breastfeeding In Public and Traveling With A Newborn Baby | Hea Boosters

Going on a trip sometime soon with your little one but not sure of the essentials you need to have? I think all new moms have been there. Packing a suitcase for yourself alone is quite different from when you have to pack for an extra little person. Because there isn’t a straight line when it comes to caring for your baby, the unpredictability makes it a bit cumbersome to know everything you will need. At this point, everything seems very important and before you know it you’re packing in excess.

You need to have certain things with you when going on a trip, either by road, air, or train. A helpful tip would be to write down all the essentials a day or two before your trip. If you’re still not sure what is most important, then this list of baby essentials will help you get started and stay organized for your trip.

When packing, you’ll be packing things in two separate sections, one for your hand luggage and other things in your suitcase.

Here are 15 things to carry while travelling:

1. Diapers:

This is a no-brainer when it comes to going around with your baby. However, for a trip, you want to be sure to pack enough at hand. You would need at least 2 diapers for each hour your trip will last to ensure your baby stays fresh all through.

2. Blankets:

You will need to keep your baby warm and well covered all throughout your journey. At least 3 blankets are recommended for your carry-on or hand luggage. You can pack some extra in your box. These come in handy for various reasons from cleaning spills to keeping your baby comfortable.

3. Plastic wet bags:

Inevitably, your baby will surely make a mess while on the trip. You need a plastic bag to keep things like used diapers and soiled clothes well separated from the other things in your bag. Since it is plastic, you don’t need to worry about the smell or stain seeping through and staining other items.

4. Extra clothes:

At least 2 changes of clothes are necessary for your baby in your hand luggage when traveling or even going out. You should also pack one or two for yourself just in case your baby spits up on the one you had on before leaving home. You should also pack at least 2 changes of clothes for your baby for the number of days you’ll be away if you won’t be doing the laundry there. Also, pack some extra just in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

5. Baby wipes:

You’ll need to pack a lot, and I mean a lot of wipes when traveling. Have a full pack handy in your bag for the trip and a few more in your box.

6. Portable changing station:

This will come in handy in different situations because changing your baby on your lap might not be so comfortable. A portable station is easy to carry and can easily be folded into your bag.

7. Burp cloth:

After feeding your baby, you’ll need to burp them and you’ll need a burp cloth in case they spit-up. It also helps clean spills or your baby while feeding.

8. Nappy rash cream:

A rash is a common thing with babies but it can get pretty uncomfortable if not treated. A rash cream will soothe your baby so they are more comfortable and won’t fuss too much.

9. Nursing cover:

Nursing covers help you feel more comfortable if you have to nurse in public or during your trip. They give you just the right amount of privacy by covering your baby, but with an open space at the top for air and intimacy.

10. Pumped milk or formula:

You may want to pump some breastmilk beforehand or carry your baby’s formula. You can have the formula powder in sachets so they are easy to pack and prepare.

11. Snacks:

If our baby can have solids then you will need some snacks for your baby and yourself too.

12. Pacifier and teething ring:

Pacifiers can help keep your baby comfortable. So if your child uses one be sure to pack at least two in your carry-on bag. Also, get a teething ring if your baby is at this phase to prevent them from chewing on everything else they may not be so clean.

13. Baby first-aid and medication:

No trip is complete without a first aid kit and some basic baby medications. Babies get sick and it’s better to be prepared to handle initial symptoms before searching for a clinic or hospital.

14. A book and some toys:

You may want to keep your baby distracted especially if your trip will last for a few hours. You can read a story or get a stuffed toy for your child to play with.

15. Baby carrier:

You probably won’t be able to carry your baby throughout the journey, especially if it is a long one. A baby carrier comes in a hand for your trip, and also when you want to move around after you’ve arrived at your destination.

The list is in no way exhaustive as there may be some items you need to carry that is unique to you and your baby. The list is to help you on the right path to packing some essentials. These items are essentials for traveling or if you’re just going out and around with your baby. You may also need things like an inflatable tub, sleeping tent, baby hat, sunscreen, and a few other things during your travel. It will take a few tries to have a solid baby-proof travel list established.

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