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Hea Coach - Arushi Agrawal


Arushi Agrawal

 Arushi Agrawal
     Certified Lactation Consultant, IBCLC   

I started as a mom; now a certified lactation consultant. The moment my son was born, it felt like the universe worked its magic. But that wasn't it. When it came to feeding him for the first time, I had no idea what to do! Holding him felt like a task, but fortunately, I was guided by thoughtful nurses who helped me position him accurately and understand breastfeeding basics. But the journey wasn't as glorious as I had imagined. I faced many challenges during the initial weeks, up to the point I had to unlatch him. That's when I came across lactation consultants and how helpful they would have been before and after my child's birth. Breastfeeding isn't about putting your nipple in your baby's mouth; it's a lot more. It impacts your child's development and, more importantly, having faith that you're a good mother.

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What a nice way to take biotin and amla

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