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Easy Nursing And Breastfeeding Tips | Hea Boosters

Nursing is one of the joys a mom goes through as it helps in bonding with her little one and also there are several breastfeeding benefits for a new mom too. The pure pleasure of nurturing your baby with the precious golden liquid that your body produces after giving birth is one of the biggest miracles in the world. However, sometimes a new mom may not understand what is the best way to breastfeed their baby.

What do you do when your baby is unable to latch onto your nipple? Sometimes, when a new mom isn’t able to nurse her little one it can affect her mental health. However, you don’t have to worry if you are facing a similar issue, we have compiled a list of latching positions, which can help in getting your baby to latch properly.

Nursing and latching tips:

  • Talk to other moms and friends in your circle and learn from their experience, this can make the process easier for you.
  • Find a comfortable position for you and your baby.
  • More body-to-body contact to develop a bond between you and your baby.
  • Pulling or tugging sensation means your baby is latching properly.
  • Understand when the signs of soreness or tenderness are too much.
  • Tickle your baby now and then to keep them awake while breastfeeding.

The 5 most popular nursing positions are:

1. The laid-back latch:

This regular position can be used by mothers who breastfeed their babies for the first time and also have smaller breasts. It's a most comfortable position for all mothers, yet it could be particularly useful on the off chance that you're feeding preemies, infants, twins, or babies that experience latching issues.

2. The cradle latch:

The cradle latch is likely the most well-known nursing position. It might be hard to breastfeed in this position directly from the beginning, yet when your child can latch on well, this is an agreeable and normal approach to breastfeed. In this position, your baby’s head rests in the bend of your elbow of the arm on the side you'll be breastfeeding, with the hand on that side supporting the rest of the body.

3. The cross-cradle latch:

The cross-support latch, works well for feeding preemies, babies, and children that experience difficulty getting latched on. This position makes it simpler to see your areola and your child's mouth. In addition, since you are latching your child's head, you have more control to direct your child into a decent latch.

4. The football latch:

Also known as a clutch latch, the football latching method is ideal for moms with twins. And if you have had a cesarean, then this is the perfect choice as the child doesn't lay across your mid-region. Moms with bigger breasts and those with inverted or flat areolas may use this latch, as well. This is another position that offers a better view of your child's mouth and your areolas while breastfeeding.

5. The side-lying position:

The side-lying position is incredible when you're drained and need to feed your baby while resting. It's a perfect choice for evening feedings, and a safe and painless method of feeding your baby, especially after a cesarean.

A successful latch from the beginning can make breastfeeding simpler and more agreeable. When you put additional time into ensuring your child is latching properly, it can have a significant effect on how successful you are at breastfeeding and how long you choose to breastfeed your baby.


Regardless of whether you decide to use one of these nursing positions or discover new places of your own, it's a smart thought to substitute the places that you use. By using various latches, you will permit your child to channel the various spaces of your breasts. This will assist with forestalling stopped milk channels and a portion of the other normal issues of breastfeeding.

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