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5 Reasons Why You Must Consider Sleeping Early For Weight Loss

5 Reasons Why You Must Consider Sleeping Early For Weight Loss

Getting fit and keeping the weight off can be troublesome for us. However, a slight change in our sleeping schedule can do wonders when it comes to weight loss.

Many types of medical researches have been conducted on how a good night’s rest can improve our health for the better. We should consider the connection between sleep, body weight and a healthy diet to enhance our well-being.

Here are five reasons you may want to consider:

  1. Sleep and Weight: What’s The Connection?

Many studies have revealed that the quality and quantity of time we spend sleeping has consistently decreased in recent years. These studies have also shown that a decrease in sleep time and its quality has directly affected the standard Body Mass Index (BMI). An increase in BMI leads to higher body weight, laziness and eventually to other health crises like mood swings, stress, etc.

  1. Does Lack Of Sleep Increase Appetite?

Neurotransmitters (signal cells in our body) with the help of hormones ghrelin and leptin allow us to understand when the body is hungry and full. Ghrelin is the hunger hormone, while leptin promotes the feeling of fullness. Our body naturally alters these neurotransmitter levels throughout the day.

An absence or lack of sleep may influence these neurotransmitters and how our body handles them. In several studies, people with less than or equal to 4 hours of sleep have shown signs of an increase in ghrelin level and a fall in leptin levels compared to individuals with 10 hours or more of sleep.

  1. Does Lack Of Sleep Affect Metabolism?

Metabolism is a compound interaction where the body converts what we eat and drink into energy to perform essential life functions. Activities like a regular workout to breathing exercises improve our metabolism level.

Studies have shown that lack of sleep (self-induced, sleep deprivation, untreated sleep apnea, or other sleep issues) can drop our metabolism rate by 15%. It further leads to increased oxidative stress, high sugar levels, insulin resistance, mood swings and frequent bouts of hunger pangs.

  1. Does Lack Of Sleep Affect Physical Activity?

Tiredness coupled with laziness means that our body’s energy levels are low. Therefore, going out on a short stroll in the morning can help in improving your sleep pattern. Working out in tired conditions can impact your health directly or indirectly.

  1. Obesity And Mood Swings?

Even kids are affected by poor sleep patterns, as is also the case with teenagers and young adults. Insufficient sleep in kids or young adults can prompt metabolic instability, creating cravings for sweets, fried foods, street and junk foods.

Let us now look at the brighter side of the story by following five steps that can help us fix poor sleep patterns and their consequences.

Time to Improve Our Sleep Pattern

Here are numerous approaches to improve the quality of sleep with some proven tips:

  1. Maintain a Normal Sleep Plan

Always maintain a sleep schedule. Under any circumstance, do not change it as our metabolism, insulin resistance levels and glucose levels may be affected.

  1. Sleep In a Low-Lit Room

Before sleeping, exposure to blue light, like a TV or bedside lamp or even a mobile phone, could affect sleep quality.

  1. Avoid Eating Before Bed

Avoid eating late for efficient weight loss.

  1. Avoid Stressing Too Much

Chronic stress is one of the many factors that promote overeating and weight gain.

  1. Be an Early Bird

People who sleep and wake up late have shown signs of eating more calories than people who go to bed and wake up early.  

A Final Word From Us

Losing weight is a personal choice and must be made after understanding your body’s requirements and needs. Weight loss must enhance our overall well-being and not add more stress to it. We need to realise that health is a deep-rooted concept with a healthy connection with our mind and body.

Till then, sleep your way to weight loss.

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