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5 Fad Diets That Are A Waste Of Time

5 Fad Diets That Are A Waste Of Time

Have you tried the very-low-calorie diets (VLCDs) or the cleanse diet? No? Well, we have. All these crash diets were a waste of our time, money, energy and mood.

With the pressure of fitting into the beauty standards set by society to slim it down or to fit into that favourite dress before the big event, we have followed them all. 

Most of these fad diet routines offer quick outcomes by severely restricting your calorie intake. However, in the long run, lack of healthy food and proper calorie intake could lead to other health issues like mood swings, gaining back the lost weight, irregular periods, among others.

Here is a breakdown of our experience with some diets we've tried:

  1. Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD):

As the name suggests, in VLCD, you need to restrict your calorie intake between 500 to 800 calories every day. This type of diet utilizes the evolution mechanism that our body has inherited over the years. This diet system allows us to shed muscle and fat and reduce energy consumption as in a famine period.


Why Don't They Work?

The weight might fall off rapidly; however, this also affects our metabolism, decreasing quicker because we are not eating sufficient food. You might not regain your muscles in this diet, but you can restore fat once you start consuming more calories.

  1. Low-Carb Diet:

In LCD, you consume fewer calories and limit food sources with high quantities of absorbable carbs like bread and pasta. In a Low-Carb Diet, abstaining from food puts our body into a state called ketosis which is the way our body separates muscle and protein and uses it as fuel. Over time we shed some weight because of limited food choices, limited calorie intake, and reduced hunger pangs.

keto diet

Why Don't They Work?

Low-Carb and Low-Calorie diets are pretty similar. In both, you are limiting calorie consumption. Lack of readily available food items makes it difficult for us to follow the diet since the Indian diet tends to be predominantly carb-based.

Rice, chapati, dosa, vada, idli, dal and potatoes (part of almost every Indian vegetable dish) are high in their carb content. They also make up a large part of the menu when it comes to Indian cuisine.

  1. Cleanse Diet:

We all may know about Beyonce's Master Cleanse Diet that she followed to shed those extra pounds before shooting for Dream Girls. Who wouldn't want to try it? Most Cleanse Diets are fluid-based that detoxify the body and not for quick weight reduction.

detox diet

Why Don't They Work?

This diet doesn't work efficiently as our body already has its detox system. Adding another only leads to more issues like diarrhoea, gaining back more weight than you have lost, and not concentrating due to lack of energy. 

  1. Diet Food Delivery:  

In this form of diet, the company or group delivering portion-controlled diet food takes away the choice to order a variety of food items. As you are getting packed dinners or lunches without worrying about preparation and wastage, these services are initially successful. However, over time this diet plan becomes monotonous, and you tend to seek outside food.

Why Don't They Work?

As they say, 'Old Habits Die Hard'; the chances are that when the service stops, you might order from out or may not keep count of your calories which may affect your diet. Apart from that, the cost of these services also affects your ability to sustain this kind of diet.

  1. Atkins Diet:

Developed by Dr. Robert Atkins in the 1970s, the Atkins Diet was similar to the Low-Carb Diet as it promoted dieters to limit their carb intake and increase their fibre intake. The decrease in carbs and increase in fibre allows your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates.

atkins diet

Why Don't They Work?

Like other Low-Carb Diets, in the Atkins Diet, your body undergoes water loss, leading to weight loss at the beginning of the diet. However, once you begin consuming carbohydrates, the chances are that you may gain all the weight back.

A Final Word From Us:

There are three keys to weight reduction: (1) Eating a balanced and healthy diet, (2) Getting a fair measure of activity and (3) Changing your emotional or negative habits. Various other diets may offer speedy weight reduction, but they may also provide long-term benefits. So, watch out! Apart from gaining back lost weight, you can also gain weight-related illnesses.

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