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10 Things You Must Include in Your Breastfeeding Essentials List | Hea Boosters

Now that you will have your little one soon, there are some breastfeeding essentials you need, to make the experience a smooth one for yourself and your baby. This natural process is a beautiful time to bond with your newborn, but it also comes with many challenges especially when you have other activities to do. These 10 breastfeeding essentials will make the experience a comfortable and seamless one, whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home mom.

Here are some breastfeeding essentials you need to have on your list:

1. Nursing pillows:

Do you remember how those cushy comfy pillows made you feel better when you placed them under your feet and behind your back? Yes, nursing pillows give you the same level of comfort while breastfeeding your baby. Feeding pillows can be placed under your arms to provide support, or placed in certain ways to help you find the best nursing position. They can also be used to support your baby if you want to lay down to rest while nursing your baby. Every mon definitely needs one of these, as some come in a compact size and can be used at home or when you're out.

2. Breast pump:

There are certain times you may not be available to nurse your baby, this is where a breast pump comes in handy. You can also use a breast pump to pump out some milk and relieve your breast if you suffer from engorgement. If you have to go back to work, a breastfeeding pump makes it easy as you don’t have to worry because you can pump out enough milk for your baby until you’re back and also get some relief. You can either opt for the manual breast pumps or an automated breast pump, whichever works for you and you’re most comfortable with.

3. Nursing bra:

Nursing bras are very much different from your normal bras and provide more comfort. It isn’t advised to wear wired bras which is what most normal bras are made of. Nursing bras also make it easy for you to nurse your baby, especially while you're in public as they are specially designed with this in mind.

4. Nipple pads:

Let’s face it, in the first few weeks and even after, your body will still be trying to find out your milk production rhythm. Until your body gets the hang of it, there will be some excess milk production, leading to leaks and wet spots on the chest area of your clothing. Nursing pads help to absorb any leaked milk and prevent your clothes from getting stained and wet. Breast pads are comfortable and will be held firmly in place by your bra.

5. Comfortable top:

It can sometimes be challenging to nurse your baby in public with clothing that doesn't make it so easy. You can wear comfortable or stretchy camisoles underneath your clothes which can easily make room when it's time to nurse your little one. You should also pack an extra shirt or top just in case the one you wore out gets soiled.

6. Nursing cover:

If you will be out and about with your baby for a considerable amount of time, you’ll need something to cover yourself with while nursing. Nursing covers are specially designed aprons with an opening at the top so your baby can get some air while nursing, and so you can look at your baby’s face too. It provides just enough coverage to ensure you are comfortable while nursing your child in public.

7. Snacks:

There are healthy snacks you can have that will help boost your milk supply and also nourish you while nursing. These snacks are good for your overall health while also ensuring your baby gets enough milk. You can have milk and protein bars as taking enough protein is essential in your diet as a nursing mom. Peanut butter, hard-boiled eggs, natural yogurt, pretzels, and granola are also good healthy snack options.

8. Burp cloth:

It sometimes gets messy while breastfeeding and even some minutes after. You will need a burp cloth in case your baby spits up during or after nursing, and to also clean up any spills while feeding your baby.

9. Nipple cream:

Consistent nursing will surely make your nipples a bit sensitive and may sometimes hurt. You can apply some nursing cream after feeding your baby to provide some comfort. Go for products that have natural ingredients as this is a sensitive area for your baby, and won’t irritate your skin.

10. Carrier bag:

It would be difficult to carry all your nursing essentials and some extra stuff without the right carrier bag. You can invest in a good nursing bag that is designed with enough room for all your nursing essentials. Most carrier bags have enough space to put some things for yourself as well, and it makes it easy to have everything you need in one place when you have to go out with your baby.

The journey of motherhood is a beautiful one that can be made more comfortable with a few essentials, especially at the early stages. These nursing essentials will provide you and your baby with comfort as you spend this intimate time together.

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